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Before Use - Hitachi UC 14YF2 Instruction Manual

Battery charger
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4. Disconnect battery charger from the receptacle.
Do not pull the plug out of the receptacle by pulling on the cord.
Make sure to grasp the plug when removing from receptacle to avoid damaging cord.
5. Remove the battery from the battery charger.
Supporting the battery charger with hand, pull out the battery from the battery charger.
Regarding electric discharge in case of new batteries, etc.
As the internal chemical substance of new batteries and batteries that have not been
used for an extended period is not activated, the electric discharge might be low when
using them the first and second time. This is a temporary phenomenon, and normal time
required for recharging will be restored by recharging the batteries 2 – 3 times.
How to make the batteries perform longer.
Recharge the batteries before they become completely exhausted.
When you feel that the power of the tool becomes weaker, stop using the tool and
recharge its battery. If you continue to use the tool and exhaust the electric current, the
battery may be damaged and its life will become shorter.
Avoid recharging at high temperatures.
A rechargeable battery will be hot immediately after use. If such a battery is recharged
immediately after use, its internal chemical substance will deteriorate, and the battery
life will be shortened. Leave the battery and recharge it after it has cooled for a while.
G When the battery charger has been continuosly used, the battery charger will be heated,
thus constituting the cause of the failures. Once the charging has been completed, give
15 minutes rest until the next charging.
G If the battery is rechraged when it is warm due to battery use or exposure to sunlight,
the pilot lamp may light in green.
The battery will not be recharged. In such a case, let the battery cool before charging.
G When the pilot lamp blinks rapidly in red (at 0.2–second intervals), check for and take
out any foreign objects in the charger's battery installation hole. If there are no foreign
objects, it is probable that the battery or charger is malfunctioning. Take it to your
authorized Service Center.


Check the work area to make sure that it is clear of debris and clutter.
Clear the area of unnecessary personnel. Ensure that lighting and ventilation is adequate.



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