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How To Use - Black & Decker IR1160S Use And Care Book Manual

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product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
1. Slender soleplate tip
2. Spray nozzle
3. Water-fill cover
4. fabric select dial
5. variable steam selector
6. Spray button
7. Steam button
8. comfort grip
9. 360° pivoting cord
10. power indicator light
11. heel rest
12. fabric guide
13. Water tank
14. auto clean
15. nonstick soleplate
fabric guide

how to use

This appliance is intended for household use only.
gettIng StaRted
• Remove all labels, tags and stickers attached to the body, cord or soleplate of the iron.
• Remove and save literature.
• Please go to to register your warranty.
• If ironing dry, place iron on its heel rest on a stable ironing board. (To iron with steam,
see instructions for FIllINg THe WATeR TANk.)
• Use scissors to remove the plastic tie lock on the plug of the iron. Uncoil cord and plug
into standard electrical outlet.
pReheatIng the IRon
note: When the iron is plugged in, the red power indicator light will come on and stay on
until the iron is unplugged or the automatic shutoff is activated. (See below for instructions
on the automatic shutoff.)
note: This iron heats quickly. For optimum performance, allow the iron to stand on heel rest
about 2 minutes before beginning to iron.
fIllIng WateR tanK
1. With iron on a flat surface with soleplate down or tilted at a 45-degree angle, open the
water-fill cover.
2. Using a clean measuring cup, pour water into opening until water
reaches the MAX level mark on the side of the water tank (B). The
water tank holds about 1½ cups of water. do not overfill.
note: This iron can be filled with ordinary tap water; if your water is
hard or soft, you may want to use distilled water. do not use water
processed through a home softening system.
3. Close the water-fill cover securely.
4. Stand the iron up on the heel rest.
tip: To refill iron at any time during ironing session, unplug iron and follow above procedure.
3-Way automatIc Shutoff
1. The iron will automatically turn to stand by mode after 30 seconds
of inactivity if left on its soleplate or on its side. If left vertically on
its heel rest, it will turn off after 8 minutes (c).
30 seconds
2. The red power indicator light starts blinking to let you know the
iron has stopped heating.
8 minutes
Important: the iron will have turned off but will still be hot.
3. once the iron is picked up, an internal motion sensor is activated and the iron starts
heating again.
4. Allow iron to reheat completely before resuming ironing.
SelectIng faBRIc SettIng
1. Read fabric labels to help determine fabric type to be ironed.
tip: If unsure of fabric's fiber, test a small area (on the inside seam or hem) before ironing.
tip: When ironing a garment with mixed fabrics, select the fabric setting for the most
delicate fabric. For example, when ironing a shirt that is 65% cotton and 35% polyester, use
setting for polyester.
2. once you determine the fabric type, turn the fabric select dial at
the front of the handle clockwise to select the appropriate fabric
setting (d).