Before Use; Filling With Water - Black & Decker BXIR2402E Instructions Manual

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Š Do not use or store the appliance outdoors.
Š Do not leave the appliance out in the rain or exposed
to moisture. If water gets into the appliance, this will
increase the risk of electric shock.
Š Do not stretch the mains cable. Never use the mains
cable to lift, carry or unplug the appliance.
Š Do not wrap the cable around the appliance.
Š Ensure that the electric cable does not get trapped or
Š Do not allow the connection cable to hang freely or to
come into contact with the appliance's hot surfaces.
Š Check the condition of the mains cable. Damaged or
twisted cables increase the risk of electric shock.
Š Do not touch the plug with wet hands.
Š Do not use the appliance if the cable or plug is damaged.
Š If any of the appliance casings breaks, immediately
disconnect the appliance from the mains to prevent the
possibility of an electric shock.
Š Do not touch any heated parts, as this may cause
serious burns.
Use and care:
Š Fully unroll the appliance's power cable before each use.
Š Do not use the appliance if the accessories attached to it
are defective. Replace them immediately.
Š Do not use the appliance if the on/off switch does not
Š Use the appliance handle/s, to lift or move it.
Š Do not use the appliance at an angle or turn it over.
Š Do not turn the appliance over while it is in use or
connected to the mains.
Š To keep the non-stick coating in good condition, do not
use metal or pointed utensils on it.
Š Respect the MAX level indicator. (Fig.1)
Š Unplug the appliance from the mains when not in use
and before undertaking any cleaning task.
Š This appliance is for household use only, not professio-
nal or industrial use.
Š Store this appliance out of reach of children and/or those
with reduced physical, sensorial or mental abilities or
who are unfamiliar with its use
Š Do not store or transport the appliance if it is still hot.
Š If the iron is left in its housing at maximum temperature
for prolonged periods, this may cause discolouration,
which will not affect appliance operation in any way.
Š To ensure that the iron functions correctly, keep the
soleplate scratch free and do not use it on metal objects
(e.g. the ironing board, buttons, zips...)
Š The use of distilled water is recommended, especially
(Original instructions)
if the water in your area contains any type of silt or is
"hard" (contains calcium or magnesium).
Š Check that the lid is closed properly before switching the
appliance on.
Š Never leave the appliance connected and unattended if
is not in use. This saves energy and prolongs the life of
the appliance.
Š Never rest the appliance on a surface while in use.
Š Do not use the appliance on any part of the body of a
person or animal.
Š Do not use the appliance on pets or animals.
Š Do not use the appliance to dry garments of any kind.
Š Turning the thermostat control to the minimum (MIN)
setting does not guarantee that the iron is switched off
Š Make sure that the appliance is serviced only by
specialist personnel, and that only original spare parts
or accessories are used to replace existing parts/acces-
Š Misuse or failure to follow the instructions may be
dangerous and renders the manufacturer's guarantee
null and void.

Before use:

Š Peel off appliance's protective film.
Š Make sure that all the product's packaging has been
Š Some parts of the appliance have been lightly greased,
consequently, the appliance may give off a light smoke
the first time it is used. After a short time, this smoke will
Š Prepare the appliance according to the function you wish
to use:

Filling with water:

Š It is essential to have filled the tank with water to be able
to work with steam.
Š Open the lid on the filling spout.
Š Fill the tank, taking care to respect the MAX level (Fig.1).
Š Close the filling spout lid.
Š Unroll the cable completely before plugging it in.
Š Connect the appliance to the mains.


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