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Cleaning And Care - Electrolux EQBM100AS User Manual

En:v barbecue side burner
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14 cleaning and care electrolux en:v barbecue

Cleaning and care

The Electrolux En:V barbecue has been constructed from
select grade stainless steel which, if not cared for, may
discolour over time. To keep your barbecue looking its best
we recommend that the cooking surfaces are cleaned after
every use.
Please ensure that your barbecue is switched off and
has cooled down before following the instructions
Cleaning of Stainless Steel components
Hot Plate and Grill
Remove all solid materials and excess grease from grill
and hotplate using scraper or wire brush
To make cleaning easy, the two grill halves can be
removed with the hotplate. For stubborn stains, simply
soak the grill and plate components in hot soapy water
before rinsing thoroughly
Ensure that all surfaces are dried with a clean dry cloth
The hot plate & grill will discolour with high temperatures
when used. The discolouration is normal and does not
affect the durability or performance.
Other stainless steel surfaces
Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaners, scourers
or metal scrapers on these stainless steel surfaces
as they may permanently scratch and damage your
Wash all stainless steel components, including the
slimline lid, the roasting hood and control knobs with a
soft dishcloth using hot soapy water
The barbecue interior can be wiped down with a soft
cloth in hot soapy water. The rear panel of the interior is
removable for easy cleaning
Ensure that all surfaces are dried with a clean dry cloth
Take extra care (particularly when cleaning on and
around the control knobs) to ensure that water and
soapy residue do not enter the control panel, where
the valves are or into the burners. Care should also be
taken not to disturb the spark electrode. A distance
of 5mm should be maintained between it and the
burners (see diagram below).
Cleaning the oil reservoirs
The Integrated barbecue has a unique oil management
system which uses overlapping channels to drain all oil
to the front into easily removed reservoirs and should be
cleaned after each use.
To remove reservoirs, pull upwards from the front of the
barbecue and dispose of the contents of the catchment
responsibly. Rinse oil reservoirs in warm soapy water.
The reservoirs can be placed in the dishwasher if
Powder coated panels
Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaners, scourers or metal
scrapers as they may permanently damage your barbecue.
Wash all powder coated panels with a soft dishcloth using
warm soapy water. Ensure that all surfaces are dried with a
clean dry cloth.
Side Burner
The side burner contains aluminium fittings. Do not use
caustic based cleaners. Do not place burner bodies or caps
in a dishwasher. Check burner ports for blockages and
clear as required. If caps, crown and cup are heavily soiled,
use a non-abrasive cleaning compound.
The trivet can be removed for cleaning. Clean by washing in
warm soapy water. Take care when replacing the trivets as
dropping them may damage the enamelled surface.



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