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Leak Test Procedure (Natural Gas) - Electrolux EQBM100AS User Manual

En:v barbecue side burner
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8 conversion to natural gas electrolux en:v barbecue
Conversion to Natural Gas (cont.)
• Take care when removing service panel not to
damage the metal tabs that support the panel on
either side.
service panel
fastened by
metal tab here
• Release the burner retaining clip as shown
• Unscrew and replace the 4 injector nipples located in
the end of each tube feeding the burners. The Natural
Gas injectors have a 1.75mm diameter orifice in them.
The orifice appears substantially larger than those of
the Universal LPG injectors.
• Re-fasten the clip to retain the tube in the burner.
Do not over tighten or distort supply tube.
• Fit the front service panel back on and fasten screws.
If unit is fitted with side burner – the injector for this
burner must also be changed
• Remove lid, trivet, burner caps & burner crown
• Unscrew injector and replace with 1.80mm Natural
Gas injector (supplied with side burner)
• Replace burner crown & caps.
service panel
fastened by
metal tab here
2. Disconnect brass adaptor and LPG hose and
regulator assembly from gas inlet connection
3. Connect the hose to the regulator
• Place threaded end of hose through hole in side panel.
• Apply thread tape or sealant to the male thread on the
hose and screw into the regulator.
4. Connect the regulator to the barbecue gas inlet
• Fit the regulator ensuring the blue sealing washer is in
place and the arrow is pointing in the right direction.
5. Replace the 'gas type' sticker
• Locate the 'Universal LPG' sticker located on the
barbecue gas inlet and remove it. Put the 'Natural
Gas' sticker in its place.
6. Leak test procedure
Ensure all gas valves are in the 'OFF' position.
In a small container, mix a solution of water and
detergent or soap.
After connection of the hose, turn on the valve at the
gas bottle or mains as appropriate.
Using a brush apply the solution to the gas connection
points and look for bubbles forming.
Bubbling will indicate a leak.
Turn off the valve and re-tighten the joint. Repeat the
leak test.
If the leak persists, turn off the gas at the isolation
valves and contact a licensed gas fitter to correct.
barbecue gas inlet
natural gas regulator
hose with tapered thread
– thread tape required
leak test points
check hose for
signs of abrasions,
cracks or leaks



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