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Choosing A Location - Electrolux EQBM100AS User Manual

En:v barbecue side burner
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7. Turndown adjustment
When converting to natural gas the turndown setting will
need to be adjusted to give a satisfactory flame on low
Remove the 4 knobs from valve shafts of main
Remove rubber grommets from control panel holes
Using the small flat blade screwdriver provided, adjust
the turndown screw of each valve by turning anti-
clockwise 2 turns (see diagram)
If optional side burner fitted, remove the control knob
from valve shaft
Using the small flat blade screw driver provided, adjust
the turndown screw of valve by turning clockwise
approximately 1/4 turn (see diagram)
Following connection of the gas and leak testing as per
previous steps, light all burners and set to high.
One burner at a time, turn the valve shaft to lowest
setting, observe the flame and adjust the turndown
screw until a small steady flame is achieved.
Repeat until all burners adjusted
Once turndown settings adjusted, turn burners off and
replace rubber grommets and control knobs.
turndown screw
for valve
for optional side burner,
turn down screw inside
shaft with a small flat-blade
electrolux en:v barbecue choosing a location 9

Choosing a location

The vertical clearance above the cooking surface to
any combustible materials must be at least 1000mm.
Cooking with roasting hood closed vents the hot
flue gases out the rear of the appliance. A minimum
clearance of 450mm to any combustible materials is
required. This clearance should also be maintained for
brittle materials which may be affected, such as glass.
Avoid windy conditions as this will affect cooking
performance and burner efficiency. If this situation
cannot be avoided some shielding may be necessary.
The barbecue grills and hotplates are slightly sloped
to enable grease & oil drainage into front receptacles.
When choosing a location ensure that the slope
towards the front is maintained. If not, oil & grease may
run into the back of the burner box from the
grill channels.



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