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Using The Roasting Hood; The Waste Bin; Side Burner Operation - Electrolux EQBM100AS User Manual

En:v barbecue side burner
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Using the roasting hood

Cooking with the hood closed only requires 2 burners to
be on low setting. Setting is to be adjusted depending
on conditions and using the temperature indicator as a
It is recommended when roasting to place the solid
hot plate in the centre with one grill on each side of the
plate. Use the two outer burners under the grills.
To achieve even cooking of the food, place the food
onto a wire rack above the hot plate to allow air to
circulate under the food.
Food can also be placed on the warming racks for
cooking with hood closed
• Do not use more than 2 burners when hood closed
and do not allow the temperature to exceed the
'Ready' zone of the temperature indicator. These
conditions create excessive heat and may cause
damage to the barbecue and roasting hood.
• When cooking with the hood closed the hot flue
gases flow out the rear of the appliance between
the splashguard and the hood. Ensure the barbecue
is suitably located to avoid damage or injury.

The waste bin

The waste bin is seated in a frame mounted on
telescopic slides. The bin can be removed from the
frame for cleaning etc. Ensure the door is fully open
before pulling out the bin slide assembly to prevent
damage to the inner door.
Do not place hot items into bin that may damage or
melt plastic.
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Side burner operation

Control functions
Before lighting the side burner:
Check that all hoses and gas fittings are tight.
Remove lid.
NOTE The lid is designed as a cover for weather
protection. The lid is not designed to be used as a
cooking hood. During use the lid can be stored on the shelf
inside the cabinet below.
Check control knob is in the 'OFF' position.
Ensure that the cooking surfaces are clean.
Turn the gas isolation valve 'ON'.
Lighting instructions
Do not attempt to light burners with the cooking
surfaces covered.
Read instructions before lighting.
To light a burner, depress the knob and rotate to 'RAPID
If burner did not light, turn knob to the 'OFF' position.
Allow gas to disperse, then repeat lighting procedure.
Manual lighting
If, in the event of the automatic ignition system not
working, the barbecue can be lit manually.
Rotate the knob to the 'RAPID PREHEAT' and place a
lighted match near to the burner.
Testing has shown that the burners can be turned to
the low position for satisfactory cooking.
If the unit does not operate correctly refer to the
troubleshooting section on page 15.
If the burner is left to run too hot there will be excessive
smoking during the cooking process and subsequent
burning of the food being prepared
To turn the burner off
When cooking is complete, rotate the knob fully
clockwise so the pointer on the knob is positioned at
the off position.
The side burner trivet is designed for use with a flat bottom
pan or for a wok. This is achieved by simply turning the
trivet over to suit the type of cooking desired. When using
flat bottom pan ensure pan base diameter is at least
150mm to ensure pan stability on trivet
tips and information
"up" for wok
"down" for
flat bottom pan



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