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Using The Side Table; Using The Warmer Drawer - Electrolux EQBM100AS User Manual

En:v barbecue side burner
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12 side table/warmer drawer electrolux en:v barbecue

Using the side table

To extend the side tables:
Lift upwards until it locks.
To fold back into place:
1. Lift upwards slightly to unlock.
2. Slide support arms upwards and table should fall into

Using the warmer drawer

Using the Warmer Drawer
The warmer drawer may be used to warm up crockery
prior to use
During barbecue usage temperatures within the drawer
can exceed 80°C under some circumstances,
depending on the number and settings of burners in
use as well as the weather conditions. When accessing
the drawer use oven gloves to avoid burning
or scalding.
When placing crockery into warmer drawer distribute
evenly, and do not exceed 15kg
It is not recommended to use the warmer drawer for
Lift upwards
food due to the risk of bacteria developing at
temperatures below 70°C
Do not place flammable items in the drawer
Do not store plastic items in the drawer
Do not store aerosols or cleaning products in
the drawer
The drawer can be used to store utensils when
barbecue not in use
Do not place hands inside the warmer drawer
under barbecue. The base of the burner box can be
extremely hot.
Always fully pull out the warmer drawer to access.
Do not place hands
inside drawer and
under burner unit.
Always fully withdraw drawer.
Lift upwards



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