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Mounting Optional Side Burner - Electrolux EQBM100AS User Manual

En:v barbecue side burner
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4 mounting optional side burner electrolux en:v barbecue

Mounting optional side burner

1. Release support rod ends from slots.
2. Remove side table mounting screws, and remove side
table. Re-fit screws without side table.
3. Remove lid, trivet and burner crown from side burner.
4. Fit brackets to side burner, do not tighten screws but
allow some movement for fitting.
5. Assemble screws to side of trim panel loosely, allowing
Release rod from
slot by pushing
ends of rod toward
centre as shown
6. Slide side burner against main barbecue trim with
7. Tighten screws to clamp side burner to main barbecue.
8. Insert and tighten 4 screws securing brackets to corner
clearance for the side burner trim panel to fit under
head of screw.
notches to be placed over loose screw heads
notches behind screw heads and then lower into position
top of bracket just
fits under trim before
lowering into position
You may need to remove the control knob for screw
driver access.
Tighten screw using phillips head screwdriver.
Place screwdriver through holes to engage screws
posts. Tighten screws previously fitted to bracket.
Insert screws and
tighten each side
screws fit loosely
to allow side burner
to fit behind screw
head before tightening
slide side burner notches
over screw heads
and lower into position
Insert screws and
tighten each side



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