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Gas Bottle Safety Information; Installing The Gas Cylinder - Electrolux EQBM100AS User Manual

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6 safety information/installing gas cylinder electrolux en:v barbecue

Gas bottle safety information

This appliance is designed to use a Universal LPG 9kg
(20 lbs) gas cylinder.
The gas cylinder must be made and marked in
accordance with specifications for LPG cylinders
The isolation valve must be turned off when the
appliance is not in use.
Gas cylinders must be stored in an approved housing
out of reach of children.
When disconnecting the gas bottle ensure that all the
control valves are in the 'OFF' position.
Remove the bottle from any housing in which it may be
stored before disconnection.
When reconnecting the hose to the bottle, ensure that
all connections are tight before replacing in the storage
Carry out a leakage check as detailed below after each

Installing the gas cylinder

To install bottle:
1. Open both centre & right hand cabinet doors and pull
out sliding tray
2. Wind out clamp screw to allow base of bottle to fit
3. Place gas bottle into tray and tighten clamp to secure
4. Make connection of gas hose to gas bottle
Gas bottles vary in size and there may be some variations
that do not fit into the space provided. As an alternative to
mounting the gas bottle in slide out tray, the bottle can be
placed on the ground and hose placed through hole in side
panel for connection to inlet.
clamp screw



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