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Maintenance; Troubleshooting - Electrolux EQBM100AS User Manual

En:v barbecue side burner
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Side table timber
The hardwood used on lift up side tables has been treated
with a light coating of protection oil. Clean surface using a
soft sponge and a solution of mild soapy water. Wash down
afterwards with clean water.
To maintain strength, avoid discolouration and fading, the
timber must be protected using a suitable outdoor timber
furniture oil. Re-oiling of timber will need to be conducted at
regular intervals depending upon the amount of exposure to
the sun and rain.
Minor scuffs and scratches can easily be covered with a
coat of oil. Deep scratches need to be sanded out and
oiling concentrated in that area until the lustre is uniform.
Use of a weatherproof cover will help to minimise the
maintenance required.
tips and information
Special note on "tea staining"
Sometimes stainless steel surfaces are affected by a brown
discolouration called tea staining. This usually occurs in
areas which use high heat and can be easily removed using
specialised stainless steel cleaners. For best results, we
recommend that specialised cleaners be used regularly on
all stainless steel components. You will find these cleaners
at most hardware stores.
tips and information
Special note on stainless steel
The stainless steel panels may distort while in use but will
return to normal when cold. When the barbecue is not
being used it is recommended to keep it covered. If the
barbecue is to be stored indoors, remove the gas cylinder
and store the cylinder in a ventilated outdoor area.
electrolux en:v barbecue maintenance/troubleshooting 15


The ignition system
To change the battery unscrew the cover. Lift out the spring
and battery. Replace with a new AA battery and replace
the cover. Do not over-tighten the screw cover as this may
distort the trim panel. Test by depressing the knob and an
audible 'clicking' sound should be heard.
Ensure that the battery has been placed in the correct
Stainless steel burners
Burners should be checked at least once per year and
cleaned as necessary. Inspect burners to ensure no
residues have been deposited and gas ports are clear.


possible cause
Barbecue won't
No gas
Ignition system
not working
Ignition electrode
wet or dirty
Excess smoke
Gas valve set too
being emitted
from the cooking
Smell of gas
Gas leak
Check isolation valve
is ON
Gas bottle empty – refill
or change gas bottle
Check battery – should
hear a clicking noise
when the knob is
Replace battery
Manually light the
Gently clean and dry
electrode ensuring
position is correct
Turn gas valves down or
turn off selected burners
Turn off gas at the
isolation valves
Check for leaks, tighten
If problem persists call
Electrolux Service



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