Status; Maintenance; Battery Replacement - Quell Q1300 Installer Manual

240v interconnectable main operated alarm
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7. L.E.D. Status
Green L.E.D. is lit when AC power is present.
Red L.E.D. blinks to indicate normal operation of alarm function
(if model with battery back up, also indicates healthy battery). In alarm
state (i.e. triggered), L.E.D. will flash rapidly. When interconnected, only
triggering alarm will have this state.
If red L.E.D flashes every 10-11 seconds, indicates Hush feature
activated (approximately for 7 minutes duration).
If interconnected to other alarms only the triggering alarm will have a
rapidly flashing L.E.D.
If the red L.E.D. blinks every 30-40 seconds and the alarm chirps in
between, it indicates fault with of the sensing chamber. Press and hold
the test button to perform a reset but if the unit re-enters fault mode
replace the alarm. Householders should consult Ownerʼs Manual or
The alarm sounder and flashing L.E.D. will remain whilst the alarm
continues to detect smoke.

8. Maintenance

Alarms are sensitive electrical devices. The test button should be
pushed (and held) once a week to verify operation.
Once a month the alarm should be wiped with a mildly damp cloth,
having previously vacuumed the outside of the unit, especially through
the grill area. The mains supply should first be isolated .

9. Battery Replacement

If the alarm type has replaceable
battery cells, they should be replaced
annually (if using alkaline, this can be
extended to 2 years).
A chirp once every 30 - 40 seconds at
the same time as the red LED flashes
indicates the battery needs replace-
ment. Do this as soon as possible.
Mains power should be disconnected at the Consumer Unit/fuse box.
Insert screwdriver in slot indicated to release locking tab. Whilst
inserted push alarm hard with palm of hand in direction of arrow shown
on alarm front.
To the extent permitted by law, Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd excludes
all liability for loss or damage to the extent caused by the use of
batteries other than Eveready 1222; Energizer 522; Gold Peak 1604S,
1604A; Duracell MN1604, MX1604 or Ultralife U9VL-J.
(AC models with loose battery

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Table of Contents

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