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Chapter 2. Installing Pdus With The Vertical-Mounting Plate - IBM Rack Power Distribution Unit Installation And Maintenance Manual

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Chapter 2. Installing PDUs with the vertical-mounting plate

Complete the following steps to install 100-127V or Universal Rack PDUs in the side
of a rack cabinet, using the vertical-mounting plate. The illustrations in this chapter
show a Universal Rack PDU, but the steps for installing a 100-127V Rack PDU are the
Note: The mounting holes on upper and lower side braces in a rack side
compartment must be between 48.6 cm (19.1 in.) and 56.9 cm (22.4 in.) apart. If your
rack cabinet has movable side braces, refer to your rack cabinet documentation for
information about relocating your side braces if they are not already spaced for this
1. Refer to your rack cabinet documentation for additional information.
2. Verify that the circuit-breaker switch is in the Off position before installing a Rack
3. Attach a Rack PDU to the vertical-mounting plate with two M3x5 screws that come
4. If you have a second Rack PDU to install, install it on the vertical-mounting plate
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Note: Removing the rack doors and side panels might make installing PDUs
with the Rack PDU. Make sure that the countersink holes in the vertical-mounting
plate are facing away from the Rack PDU.
with two M3x5 screws that come with the second Rack PDU.
Note: You can install Rack and Front-end PDUs on the same vertical-mounting