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Shark SK410 series Owner's Manual: Troubleshooting Guide; Steam & Spray

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Troubleshooting Guide

Steam & Spray
Mop will not turn on.
Steam & Spray
Mop will not make steam.
Steam & Spray
Mop is squirting foam from
the spray nozzle.
Steam & Spray
Mop doesn't spray.
The Cleanser Bottle fell
Steam & Spray
Mop left a white spot on
the floor.
Steam & Spray
Mop leaves water on the
Floors are cloudy, spotty or
streaky after cleaning.
Steam & Spray
Mop is hard to push.
TOLL FREE: 1-800-798-7398
1. Make sure that the power cord is firmly inserted into the electrical outlet.
2. Check your fuse or breaker.
3. The removable cord may be loose. Please check that the removable cord is firmly inserted into
the power cord receptacle.
4. If your unit still does not work, call Customer Service at 1-800-798-7398.
1. Is there water in the water tank? If not, add water following instructions on page 4.
2. Is the steam locking collar in the "Spray Only" position? Turn the steam locking collar to the
"Steam & Spray" position.
3. Is the water intake tube stuck in the top of the water tank? If so, push it down so it reaches
the bottom of the tank.
4. If the unit still does not make steam, follow decalcification instructions on page 7.
1. The Cleanser Bottle is not firmly inserted into the unit. Make sure that you hear an audible
"Click" when you insert the Cleanser Bottle into the appliance.
2. There may be air in the system. Hold down the spray button for 5 to 10 seconds to flush the
1. Make sure that the batteries are inserted into the battery compartment behind the Cleanser
Bottle. If there are batteries, then insert new batteries.
2. Make sure that the Cleanser Bottle is inserted all the way in. You should hear an audible
"Click" when inserted.
3. Check that there is enough cleaning solution in the Cleanser Bottle. If not, insert a new bottle
of Steam Energized
4. There may be air in the system. Hold down the spray button for 5 to 10 seconds until solution
comes out of the spray nozzle.
5. The spray nozzle at the front of the unit where the spray comes out may be clogged. See page
7 for instructions on cleaning the spray nozzle.
1. The unit is not meant to be turned upside down. When upside-down, the Cleanser Bottle is at
risk for falling out of its cradle. Please do not turn the unit upside-down. If it is necessary to
turn the unit upside-down, remove the Cleanser Bottle first.
1. Check to see if the cleaning pad is soaked through. We recommend that you unplug the unit
and replace the cleaning pad.
2. Make sure that the cleaning pad is attached correctly.
1. Do not leave the Steam & Spray
2. If you are using tap water, we recommend switching to distilled water.
3. Make sure that the cap is securely placed on the water tank.
1. The cleaning pad may be dirty. Change the cleaning pad.
2. If the washable cleaning pad was washed with powder detergent, then it may be damaged
and require replacement. Replacement pads are available at
3. The mop may have been left in one spot for too long.
4. This may be leftover from past cleaners used on the floor surface. Use the mop a few more
times again with a clean pad and see if the cloudiness is removed. If this does not work, we
suggest rinsing the floor with water, letting it dry and then steam mopping again with a clean
pad. One or more rinses generally removes the residue. A more stubborn case may require
you to rinse the floor with a mix of one part vinegar and two parts water.
1. Make sure the cleaning pad is attached correctly.
2. Check to see if the cleaning pad is excessively dirty. If so, replace with a clean pad.
Mop on the floor with a damp cleaning pad.


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