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  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    ® Incorrect re-assembly or repair can cause a risk reach of children. of electrical shock or injury to persons when the Eye irritant. Should some of the Shark ® appliance is used. branded cleaners be rubbed or splashed into 11. To protect against a risk of electric shock, DO the eyes, wash out thoroughly with water.

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    16. DO NOT put any objects into openings. Do not rechargeable batteries. Use of rechargeable use with any opening that is blocked. batteries can damage the unit or lead to other hazards. 17. DO NOT put hands or feet under the Shark ® Steam & Spray Mop. ™...

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    SK410W 40 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Voltage: 120V~, 60Hz. Power: 1050 Watts Euro-Pro, Shark, Steam & Spray, SaniFiber, Steam Energized and Rotator are trademarks of Euro-Pro Operating LLC. All other brand names may be trademarks of their respective owners. TOLL FREE: 1-800-798-7398...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Thank you for Getting Started ....................2 purchasing the Using Your Shark Steam & Spray Mop ............4 ® ™ Shark Steam & ® Cleaning Your Hard Floors ................4 Spray Mop. ™ Using Steam ..................... 5 Using the Steam Energized Cleanser .............

  • Page 6: Getting Started

    When assembling your Steam & Spray Mop there may be a little water in the Reusable Bottle. This is because ™ we test all of our products 100% before you buy them, so you get a quality Shark Steam & Spray Mop.

  • Page 7: Assembly

    fig. 3 fig. 4 Cleaning Pad fig. 5 fig. 2 fig. 1 ASSEMBLY Insert the handle into the neck of the main IMPORTANT: Always make sure that the body of the Steam & Spray Mop. Push the mop ™ Steam & Spray Mop is UNPLUGGED from the ™...

  • Page 8: Cleaning Your Hard Floors

    Visit for other great quick water tank. (Fig. 7) cleaning products to complement your Steam & NOTE: To prolong the life of your Steam & Spray ™ Spray Mop, such as the Shark Rotator ™ ® ™ Mop, we recommend using distillied water.

  • Page 9: Using Steam

    Steam & Spray fig. 12 fig. 9 fig. 10 fig. 13 Spray Only fig. 14 fig. 11 Using the Steam Energized Cleanser: ™ Make sure that the batteries are inserted into Using Steam: the battery compartment behind the Cleanser Turn the steam locking collar to the “Steam & Bottle to use the spray function.

  • Page 10: Frequently Asked Questions

    Using Your Steam & Spray Mop - cont’d ™ Frequently Asked Questions General Tips: Q. My Steam & Spray Mop leaves a foam on hard • Change the Cleaning Pad frequently for best ™ floors. results. A. The Steam & Spray Mop Washable Cleaning ™...

  • Page 11: Care And Maintenance

    To extend the life of your product we Empty the water tank before storage. Remove the recommend that you use distilled water or Shark ’s ® water tank cap and empty the tank over a sink.

  • Page 12: Troubleshooting Guide

    PROBLEM POSSIBLE REASONS & SOLUTIONS 1. Make sure that the power cord is firmly inserted into the electrical outlet. 2. Check your fuse or breaker. Shark Steam & Spray ® ™ 3. The removable cord may be loose. Please check that the removable cord is firmly inserted into Mop will not turn on.

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    Notes TOLL FREE: 1-800-798-7398...

  • Page 15: Warranty

    SERVICE”. We are constantly striving to improve our products, therefore the specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice. Product Registration Please visit or call 1-800-798-7398 to register your new Shark product within ® ten (10) days of purchase. You will be asked to provide the store name, date of purchase and model number along with your name and address.

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    Ville St. Laurent, Québec H4S 1A7 1-800-798-7398 COPYRIGHT © 2013 EURO-PRO OPERATING LLC PRINTED IN CHINA Euro-Pro, Shark, Steam & Spray, SaniFiber, Steam Energized and Rotator are trademarks of Euro-Pro Operating LLC. SK410 series_E.130717.3 Illustrations may differ from actual product.

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