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Configure The Technology Pack - IBM CISCO R2E2 User Manual

Cisco ip telephony technology pack
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Chapter 4: Configuring the technology pack
— An X Window server on the DataMart server.
(Tivoli Netcool/Proviso pre-v4.4.3) If there is no graphics card on the DataMart server, you can
install the Xvfb virtual frame buffer package to provide X Window services, as described in the
Netcool/Proviso Installation
— Access to the SilverStream server.
— Access to the DataChannel server.
Have completed the following tasks:
— Reviewed the release notes for the current technology pack.
Release notes contain important information you need to consider before installing a technology pack.
They also contain information on specific patches that need to be installed before you configure a technology pack.
— Installed the current version of the Tivoli Netcool/Proviso components, as described in the IBM Tivoli
Netcool/Proviso Installation Guide.
— Installed the MIB-II Technology Pack.
The MIB-II Technology Pack is a stand-alone technology pack that is contained in its own jar file.
— Installed the Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack.
Installation instructions for a technology pack can be found in the Appendices of the
Netcool/Proviso Installation Guide
Upgrade instructions for a technology pack can be found in Chapter 3 of the
Upgrade Guide
Localization is done automatically during installation of the technology pack.
— Configured at least one DataChannel.
— Configured a UBA bulk collector subchannel.
— Configured an SNMP collector subchannel.
— Created a user account on the server where the ProvisoCUCM application is installed, so that the CUCM
can FTP the CDR/CMR data stream back to the ProvisoCUCM application.
This technology pack contains a Java application, ProvisoCUCM, that sends data requests to CUCM
servers. The ProvisoCUCM application requires the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (JRE 1.5 J2EE).
Starting with the Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack, the ProvisoCUCM application supports multiple
Perfmon host collection for a single instance of the ProvisoCUCM application.

Configure the technology pack

To configure the Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack, follow these steps:
Load the DataMart environment.
To load the shell with the DataMart environment, follow these steps:
1-a. Log in to the DataMart server as pvuser.
1-b. Change your working directory to the DataMart home directory (
the following command:
cd /opt/datamart
(covers core and technology packs).
(covers core and technology packs).
IBM Tivoli Netcool/Proviso
IBM Tivoli Netcool/Proviso Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack
IBM Tivoli
IBM Tivoli
, by default), using



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