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Key Performance Indicators - IBM CISCO R2E2 User Manual

Cisco ip telephony technology pack
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Key performance indicators

Table 2 lists all of the key performance indicators (KPIs) supported by the Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack.
Table 2: Key performance indicators
CCM CPU Utilization (percent) (avg last 5
CCM Media Device Registration Availability
CCM Physical Memory Utilization (percent)
CCM Registered CTI Devices (Nb) (Gauge)
CCM Registered Devices (Nb) (Gauge)
CCM Registered Gateways (Nb) (Gauge)
CCM Registered Media Devices (Nb) (Gauge)
CCM Registered Phones (Nb) (Gauge)
CCM Registered VoiceMail Devices (Nb)
CCM Rejected Devices (Nb) (Gauge)
CCM SQL Server Availability percentage
CCM SQL Server Cache Hit ratio (percent)
CCM SQL Server Total number of Pages
CCM SQL Server free buffers (Nb)
CCM SQL Server number active user
CCM SQL Server number of blocked users
CCM SQL Server number of locks
IBM Tivoli Netcool/Proviso Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack
Total number of attendant console clients currently online
Total number of attendant console clients registered to the device
Total number of active authenticated calls
Total number of active authenticated extensions which have not completed
the registration process
Total number of active authenticated and fully registered extensions
Total number of BRI channels currently in use in the target device
Total number of BRI spans available in the target device
The average, over the last minute, of the percentage of time that this
processor was not idle
Percentage availability that media devices could register with a CCM server
In order to know the percentage of memory utilization, we have to sum the
amount of real system memory allocated to each process, and then divide
this value with the amount of physical memory contained by the host
Total number of CTI devices which are registered to the CCM
Number of devices currently registered to the CCM device
Total number of media gateways registered to a CCM device
Total number of media devices registered to a CCM server
Total number of IP phones registered to a CCM device
Total number of registered voicemail devices
Total number of rejected devices
CCM SQL server availability percentage
Buffer cache hit ratio. Percentage of time that a requested data page was
found in the data cache (instead of being read from disk).
Total number of pages read and write
Total number of data cache buffers currently in the free pool.
Total number of open user connections
Total Number of users blocked by other users
Total number of locks being used by SQL Server
Chapter 3: Supported Reports and KPIs



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