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Collecting Cdr, Cmr, And Perfmon Data With Cisco Unified Communications Manager - IBM CISCO R2E2 User Manual

Cisco ip telephony technology pack
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With pre-4.4.3 Tivoli Netcool/Proviso versions, ensure that the
Publisher bulk adaptor, and that the URI matches the URI of the associated data source in the
Collecting CDR, CMR, and Perfmon Data with Cisco Unified Communications
With Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), the technology pack collects CDR, CMR, and Perfmon
data files in either of the following ways:
Through SOAP requests to the CUCM server and PerfmonPorts API.
Through a schedule for pushing the data files back to the DataChannel server. The schedule is specified by
CUCM Web administration configuration settings.
In both cases, the CUCM pushes the data back to the technology pack via FTP.
The technology pack includes a Java™ application called ProvisoCUCM. This application is responsible for
sending the SOAP requests to the CUCM, and for producing the CSV files for the UBA from the data files pushed
back to the DataChannel server by the CUCM server.
The ProvisoCUCM finds the address of the CUCM server, authentication information, and other configuration
details in the file
described in Chapter 4, Configuring the technology pack.
The following figure illustrates the technology pack's data collection architecture in a CUCM environment:
IBM Tivoli Netcool/Proviso Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack
. You install and edit this file when you configure the technology pack, as
Chapter 2: Devices and Services
file contains a URI for each CCM



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