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Prerequisites; Snmp Access; Cisco Callmanager Configuration - IBM CISCO R2E2 User Manual

Cisco ip telephony technology pack
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Chapter 2: Devices and Services


This section describes the prerequisites for the Tivoli Netcool/Proviso Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack.

SNMP Access

The Tivoli Netcool/Proviso Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack needs read access to SNMP agents of PSTN
gateway, gatekeeper, and CallManager Server devices. Customers must provide a valid IP address and community
name to access these devices.
UDP Port number 161 needs to be open in the remote firewalls.
CallManager servers, as well as Unity servers and other Cisco media servers running under the Microsoft SQL
Server 2000 environment, can be configured with the following standard SNMP Extensions:
PERFMON-MIB (optional – perfmon counters)
SQL-MIB (optional – SQL Server and Database metrics)
EXCHANGE-MIB (optional – MS Exchange metrics)
DHCP-MIB (optional – Dhcp server metrics)
HTTP-MIB (optional – Http server metrics)

Cisco CallManager Configuration

To enable CDR and CMR collection from CCM and CUCM environments, some configuration parameters must
be set using the CCM System Administrator. Configuration settings must be defined separately on every server
in a cluster.
The following configuration service parameters control the generation of CDR records:
cdrEnabled — Determines whether CDR records are generated. Default value:
CdrLogCallsWithZeroDurationFlag — Enables logging of CDR records for calls that were never
connected, or which lasted less than one second. This parameter must be enabled to allow data to be
collected on short connections.
CallDiagnosticsEnabled — Determines whether CMR records are generated. Only IP phones and MGCP
gateways support CMR records. Default value:
MaxCdrRecords — Controls the maximum number of CDRs on the system. When this limit is exceeded,
the oldest CDRs are automatically removed once a day, along with the related CMR records. Default value:
1.5 million records.
The Tivoli Netcool/Proviso Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack never deletes records. IBM recommends
retrieving CDRs every hour or every four hours. This polling interval permits the system administrator to
decrease the maximum number of CDRs on the CallManager and to improve performance.
IBM Tivoli Netcool/Proviso Cisco IP Telephony Technology Pack



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