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Chapter 2. Using The Multi-Burner Plus Drive; Before You Begin; Handling And Caring For A Disc - IBM ThinkPad 73P3315 User Manual

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Chapter 2. Using the Multi-Burner Plus drive

This section provides information on how to handle, load, and care for DVDs and
CDs and on how to care for your Multi-Burner Plus drive.

Before you begin

For best results, review the following guidelines before using the drive:
v Do not move your ThinkPad computer while formatting or writing a disc
v Keep the ThinkPad computer on a flat surface when writing to a disc.
v Make sure the ThinkPad computer is plugged into an ac outlet when using the
v Turn screen savers off. Using a screen saver might interrupt the formatting and
v Do not put your ThinkPad computer into hibernation or suspend mode while
Note: The read and write results of the drive depend upon the quality and

Handling and caring for a disc

Carefully handle and clean discs, especially writable media types such as CD-R
and CD-RW discs, so that they remain readable. You can prolong the life of your
discs by using the following precautions:
v Always store discs in their original packaging.
v Always store discs out of direct sunlight.
v Always store discs away from direct heat sources.
v Remove discs from the computer when not in use.
v Check discs for cracks BEFORE each use.
v Do not force discs into the computer or packaging.
v Do not bend or flex discs.
v Do not use commercial cleaners to clean discs.
v Do not write on the surface of discs.
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because this might cause data errors. Also, minimize typing while formatting or
writing to a disc, as this might also cause data errors.
drive. The disc might be damaged if the battery runs out while writing to a disc.
writing process.
writing to a disc.
characteristics of the DVD or CD media used.
IMPORTANT: Do not use discs that are cracked.



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