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Installation Requirements; Installing The Drive; Locating The Drive Controls - IBM ThinkPad 73P3315 User Manual

Enhanced drive
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Note: Some graphics adapters such as the FIREGL, Intergraph, and 3dLabs, do not

Installation requirements

To install the Multi-Burner Plus drive, your ThinkPad computer must meet the
following requirements:
v A ThinkPad system with an Ultrabay Enhanced Drive Bay or ThinkPad Dock or
v An Enhanced Drive Adapter for Ultrabay 2000
v The Microsoft
1. IBM offers limited support for computers with Microsoft Windows 95,
2. The ThinkPad A21e computer does not support DVD playback under Windows

Installing the drive

Your ThinkPad computer includes a help system, Access ThinkPad, that provides
drive installation instructions specific to your computer. To correctly install the
multi-burner drive into the Ultrabay enhanced drive bay, use the instructions given
in the Access ThinkPad help system.

Locating the drive controls

The following diagram shows the location of the controls on the front of the drive:
Eject button does not work. For more information on manually ejecting a DVD or
CD, see "Manually ejecting a disc" on page 2-4.
IBM ThinkPad Multi-Burner Plus Ultrabay Enhanced Drive: User's Guide
support DVD video playback.
Dock II
Microsoft Windows 98, or Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me)
desktop operating systems.
1 Power light: This light is visible when the drive is in use.
2 Eject button: Press this button to eject a DVD or CD.
3 Manual eject hole: Use this emergency release to eject a DVD or CD when the
XP or Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional operating



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