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Loading A Disc; Using The Drive; Using Single-Sided And Double-Sided Dvd-Ram Media; Removing The Disc From The Cartridge - IBM ThinkPad 73P3315 User Manual

Enhanced drive
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Loading a disc

1. Press the Eject button. The tray slides out of the drive.
2. Place a disc with the label facing up in the tray.
3. Close the tray by gently pushing the tray in until it latches.

Using the drive

This section contains information on using the Multi-Burner.

Using single-sided and double-sided DVD-RAM media

DVD-RAM media is available in single-sided and double-sided versions.
The 2.6 GB and 4.7 GB versions are single-sided. The 9.4 GB versions are
double-sided. To access the data on both sides of the media, you must remove the
media from the drive, turn it over, and re-insert it into the drive.

Removing the disc from the cartridge

DVD-RAM media is available in bare-disc or cartridge form. To use cartridge
media in your Multi-Burner, you must first remove the disc from the cartridge.
1. Using the tip of a ball point pen, push and break the lock pin tab 1 .
Attention: Do not use force or insert foreign objects to open the tray. If your tray does not
open when you press the Eject button, see "Manually ejecting a disc" on page 2-4 for more
Chapter 2. Using the Multi-Burner Plus drive



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