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Returning The Disc To The Cartridge; Precautions For Handling; Using The Drive With Cds And Dvds; Manually Ejecting A Disc - IBM ThinkPad 73P3315 User Manual

Enhanced drive
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2. To remove the disc, use a ball point pen to push down on the cartridge lid lock
When the cartridge lid is open, the disc can be removed.
Note: The cartridge lid lock and the cartridge lid tab are located on the side of
Attention: Do not touch the recording area of the disc when handling bare

Returning the disc to the cartridge

1. To return the disc to the cartridge, align the label side of the disc 1 with the

Precautions for handling

Be careful when handling the removed disc. Debris, dust particles, fingerprints,
smears, or scratches may impair recording and playback of the media. To clean
dust or other debris, use a CD cleaning kit. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the disc.
Do not use solvents to clean the disc surface. When labeling a disc, write only on
the printed label side or the cartridge using a soft felt-tip marker. Keep out of
direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. Do not attach labels to either side
of the disc.

Using the drive with CDs and DVDs

Complete the following procedure to read a data disc:
1. Turn on the computer.
2. Press the Open/Close button on the front of the drive.
3. Insert a disc or cartridge in the tray with the label facing up.
4. Close the tray by pressing the Open/Close button or by gently pushing in the
5. Wait for the drive busy indicator to turn off; then double-click My Computer.
6. Double-click the CD-ROM or DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW icon.

Manually ejecting a disc

If you press the Eject button and the tray does not slide out, turn off the computer
and straighten a large paper clip to form a tool, as shown in the illustration. The
IBM ThinkPad Multi-Burner Plus Ultrabay Enhanced Drive: User's Guide
2 and pull the cartridge lid out 3 .
some cartridges, as shown in 2a and 3a above.
DVD-RAM cartridge label side.
Insert the disc and close the cartridge lid 2 . A clicking sound will occur
when the lid closed.
loading tray.
Attention: Do not use force or insert foreign objects to open the loading tray.



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