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Placing Calls; Answering Calls; Last Number Redial; Answering Outside Calls - NEC Aspire Quick Reference Manual

H.323 ip telephone
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Placing Calls

H.323 phones do not support the ability to send digits after a call has been placed
and before it is answered. This means that features which use single digit service
codes, such as Voice Over and Barge-In, are not available with this type of phone.
Placing an Outside Call . . .
1. Lift handset.
Dial codes for outside
(1-9 or 001-200) + Outside number.
5) + Outside number.
3. Press SELECT to immediately dial the call or
simply wait 4 seconds and the system will dial
the call.
1. The telephone's display indicates "New
Returning a missed
Missed Calls (x). The "x" represents the num-
call using the Call
ber of missed calls to the extension.
2. Press the Navigation L key. When "Call Log
Incoming" is displayed press SELECT.
3. Use the Navigation keys to scroll through the
list of numbers.
4. If you wish to place a call back to a number, with
the number displayed, press SELECT twice.
Listen for dial tone.
If the handset is not lifted or the Handsfree
key pressed, the phone will preview the
numbers being dialed. When the handset is
lifted or the Handsfree key pressed, the
call will dial out.
+ Outside number.
+ Line group number
+ Line number (e.g., 005 for line
When behind a PBX, you may have to dial
9 before your number with any ot these
dialing options.
If the system is unable to complete the call
due to incorrect/incomplete dialing, the
display indicates "Connection Failed"
and it returns to an idle state.

Answering Calls

Calling a Co-Worker and Paging . . .
1. Lift handset.
Dial using the
2. Dial co-worker's extension number.
2. For Paging, dial
or 1-64 for zones.
your extension number.
Automatically redial calls . . .

Last Number Redial

The phone retains the last 30 outgoing calls a user has dialed (numbers are stored if
dialed manually or if dialing using the Phone Book, the name is stored). You can
press the REDIAL key to show the last outgoing call.
1. (Optional) Lift the handset or press the
Quickly redial your
outside call:
2. Press REDIAL key.
pressing the Redial key will have no affect.
3. Select the entry to be dialed using the M, L or
REDIAL key (the Redial key works like the M).
4. With the entry displayed, press SELECT.

Answering Outside Calls . . .

1. Lift handset.
Listen for two rings:
desk, the display indicates the number of calls. Use
the Call Log to call them back.

Answering Intercom Calls . . .

Lift handset to speak.
Listen for ringing:
864 + Announced zone.
Picking up calls not ringing your phone . . .
1. Lift handset.
If a call is ringing
Paging after hours:
+ 0 for All Call
For Voice Mail, dial the master number +
If there are no entries in the Redial Call Log,
To cancel the operation, press
If you missed calls while you were away from your
To join a Meet Me Conference, lift handset +



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