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Configuring Your Phone - NEC Aspire Quick Reference Manual

H.323 ip telephone
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Handling Your Calls
1. Lift handset.
When a call is ringing
a co-worker's phone:
1. Lift handset.
Pick up a call a co-
worker parked for you:
2. For a System Park orbit call,
Park Orbit (01-64).
2. For a Personal Park orbit call,
Announced extension.
Your call can wait at your phone . . .
Use Hold instead of
leaving the handset
1. Press
Easily retrieve a call
from Hold:
Transferring your calls . . .
Send (Transfer) your
call to a co-worker:
press M.
2. (Optional) Announce the call when your co-
worker answers.
3. Hang up.
Adjusting the volume . . .
Volume Control
The volume settings can be used to adjust the handset, headset, handsfree, and
ringer volume. The volume settings will be kept until the phone is powered off.
When the phone is reconnected, the volume settings will reset to their default levels.
Adjusting the Handset
1. With the handset off-hook, press the Volume
M or L key.
+ Co-worker's extension.
+ Do not hang up.
This puts your call on Exclusive Hold.
Intercom calls automatically go on
Exclusive Hold when you press HOLD.
To retrieve a call from Group Hold, dial 862.
+ Dial your co-worker's extension.
To use the Phone Book to locate the number,

Configuring Your Phone

Adjusting the
Handsfree Volume:
Adjusting the Headset
Adjusting the Ringer
Phone Setup and Configuration Options
Pressing the MENU key enters the phone's Setup Menu. There are four categories:
Call Log Menu - setting related to any incoming, outgoing, and missed call log
information, as well as the ability to delete the logs.
Phone Book Menu - operations related to the memory dial records.
Configuration Menu - contains two different types of configurations:
Phone Configuration: Call and phone related configurations
Network Configuration: Network related configurations
(see your communications manager for changes to he network settings)
Restore Factory Settings: Restores factory default configurations
View Info - showing the phone's IP address and firmware version
In any menu screen, press MENU to return the display to idle. Press CANCEL/DEL
to abort an action and exit to the next higher menu. If CANCEL/DEL is pressed
while entering any characters or digits, entries can be deleted. Quickly pressing the
CANCEL/DEL key will delete the character at the current cursor position. Holding
the key down for 1.5 seconds or longer deletes the entire text/digit entry.
Call Log Menu
Entering the Call Log
A headset cannot be connected when adjust-
ing the handsfree volume.
1. With the Handsfree key pressed, press the
Volume M or L key.
1. With the headset connected and the phone off-
hook, press the Volume M or L key.
1. With the phone on-hook, press the Volume M
or L key.
1. Press the L key while the phone is idle.
1. Press MENU to display the Call Log Menu.
2. Using the Navigation M or L keys to scroll, dis-
play Incoming, Outgoing, Missed, or Delete
Logs + SELECT.
3. Using the Navigation M or L keys to scroll,
display the call record required + SELECT.
Each record has a number in the top right cor-
ner to show the order - "1" is the latest record.
The larger the number, the older the record.



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