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Prerequisites; Installation; Connecting The Usb Card Reader - Xerox WorkCentre 51 Series Configuration Manual

Usb card reader configuration guide for workcentre 51 series, workcentre 6400, workcentre 56 series, workcentre 75 series, workcentre 57 series, workcentre 77 series, colorqube 87 series, colorqube 89 series, colorqube 92 series, colorqube 93 series
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The Multi-function Printer software must meet a minimum software level. The supported devices and
the minimum software levels are:
WC51xx software - Version
WC56xx software - SBC Version
WC56xx software
- MBC Version
WC57xx software - Version
WC6400 software - Version
WC75xx software - Version
WC77xx software – Version
CQ87xx / 89xx software - Version
CQ93xx software - Version
Must be using supported cards and card readers. See Appendix A.
The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) must be enabled
Extensible service setup has to be enabled if the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform® (EIP)
application is used.
The open USB card reader standard cannot be used with Xerox Secure Access branded card


Connecting the USB card reader

Connect the card reader to one of the available USB ports on the MFP. The reader can be mounted in a
number of locations on the MFP. For example, it can be placed on the top panel next to the UI, on the left
hand shelf or on the top of the finisher.
Most of the tested readers will indicate that they have power and are operational by illuminating an LED
and possibly emitting a sound once the card reader has booted up.
Please insure the card reader software is at the latest level by checking with the particular manufacture
web site as outlined in Appendix A. Some readers require a particular configuration to be compatible with
the MFP. This is defined in Appendix B. Please be sure the software and configuration are correct
before the reader is installed on the MFP.
4 USB Card Reader Configuration Guide


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