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Appendix B Card Reader Configuration Setting; Elatec Twn3 Software; Magnetic Stripe Reader Configuration - Xerox WorkCentre 51 Series Configuration Manual

Usb card reader configuration guide for workcentre 51 series, workcentre 6400, workcentre 56 series, workcentre 75 series, workcentre 57 series, workcentre 77 series, colorqube 87 series, colorqube 89 series, colorqube 92 series, colorqube 93 series
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Appendix B Card Reader Configuration

Elatec TWN3 Software

Elatec TWN3 readers must have at least software version V3 03d/4.39 to operate properly on the
WorkCentre 53xx, WorkCentre 7120, and WorkCentre 74xx. If connecting an Elatec reader with earlier
software to one of these products, the reader software will need to be upgraded first.
Please contact Elatec
Customer Support for this software

Magnetic Stripe Reader Configuration

The ISO specification for magnetic stripe cards defines the data format for the 3 possible tracks on a mag
stripe card. Each line starts with a unique character called a sentinel which denotes which line of data is
being read. The ISO spec specifies characters used to define the data blocks within a line as well as the
line termination character.
Shown below are three lines of data contained on a hypothetical 3 track mag stripe card:
; 6006493801?
Xerox MFPs require this data to be concatenated into a single string with only one carriage return as the
terminating character.
In order to determine if the reader conforms to the Xerox standard, the reader can be easily tested using
a personal computer.
1) Open a text document tool like Microsoft Notepad
2) Connect the magnetic stripe reader to a USB port on the computer
3) Wait for the card reader driver to be installed.
4) Swipe one of the customer's mag stripe cards.
5) Observe the data displayed in Notepad.
a. If the data is presented in a single line with one carriage return the reader is compatible and
no programming is required.
b. If the reader sends multiple lines or strips off the line start and end characters, the reader will
need to be reprogrammed.
Each of the card readers listed in Appendix Acan be reprogrammed to this format using tools supplied by
each manufacturer. Below are URLsto the manufacturer's websites where the card reader configuration
tool can be retrieved.
Note that the YSoft and ID TECH Magnetic stripe readers listed in Appendix A already conformed to the
Xerox standard and did not need to be upgraded.
8 USB Card Reader Configuration Guide
LQI?;6006493801=101211050282809?; 6006493801?
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