General Information; Safety Procedures - Husqvarna HCS9, HCS13 Operator's Manual

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General Information

This manual will assist you in the safe operation
and proper maintenance of your Husqvarna
equipment. Read it thoroughly before attempting
to operate the machine. Call your dealer or
Husqvarna if additional information is required.
The following safety symbols are used throughout
the manual to alert you to information about unsafe
actions or situations:
DANGER indicates immediate hazards that
may result in severe injury or death.
WARNING indicates unsafe actions or
situations that may cause severe injury,
death, and/or major equipment or property
CAUTION indicates unsafe actions or
situations that may cause injury and/or
minor equipment or property damage.
This equipment should not be modified without the
manufacturer's prior written authorization. Doing
so may not only affect the equipments'
performance and durability, but also create safety
hazards for the operator and the surroundings.
Warranty will be void if changes are made to the
equipment without the manufacturer's prior written

Safety Procedures

1 - Training:
• Read the Operator's manual. If the operator(s)
or mechanic(s) can not read English it is the
owner's responsibility to explain this material to
• Become familiar with the safe operation of the
equipment, operator's controls, and safety
• All operators and mechanics should be trained.
The owner is responsible for training the users.
• Never let children or untrained people operate
or service the equipment. Local regulations may
restrict the age of the operator.
• The owner/user can prevent and is responsible
for accidents or injuries occurring to themselves,
other people, and/or property.
2 - Preparation:
• Wear appropriate clothing including hard hat,
safety glasses and ear protection. Long hair,
loose clothing or jewelry may get tangled in
moving parts.
• Inspect the area where the equipment is to be
used and remove all objects such as rocks, toys
and wire which can be thrown by the machine.
• Use extra care when handling gasoline and
other fuels. They are flammable and vapors
are explosive. Use only an approved container.
Never remove gas cap or add fuel with engine
running. Allow engine to cool before refueling.
Do not smoke while fueling or operating
equipment. Never refuel or drain the machine
• Check that operator's controls, safety switches,
hoses, and shields are securely attached and
functioning properly. Do not operate unless
they are functioning properly.


Table of Contents

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