Safety Rules - Husqvarna HCS9, HCS13 Operator's Manual

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3 - Operation
• Never run an engine in an enclosed area.
• Only operate in good light, keeping away from
holes and hidden hazards.
• Slow down and use extra care on hillsides.
Make turns gradually and at slow speed. Do
not operate across the sides of slopes. Operate
up and down slopes only. Do not operate on
steep slopes.
• Turf conditions can affect the machine's stability.
Do not operate on wet grass where traction may
be reduced.
• Do not change the engine governor setting or
overspeed the engine.
• Stop equipment and inspect vacuum impeller
and hoses after striking objects or if an abnormal
vibration occurs. Make necessary repairs before
resuming operations.
• Look behind and down before backing up to
ensure a clear path.
• Slow down and use caution when making turns
and crossing roads and sidewalks. Stop vacuum
and mower blades if not mowing.
Do not operate machine under the influence of
alcohol or drugs.


Use care when loading or unloading the machine
into a trailer or truck.
Use care when approaching blind corners,
shrubs, trees, or other objects that may obscure
4 - Maintenance and Storage:
Stop engine and disconnect spark plug wire.
Wait for all movement to stop before adjusting,
cleaning, or repairing.
Clean grass and debris from muffler and engine
to help prevent fires. Clean up oil or fuel
Let engine cool before storing and do not store
near sparks or open flame.
Shut off fuel while storing. Do not store fuel
near flames or drain indoors.
Never allow untrained personnel to service
Keep hands and feet away from moving parts.
If possible, do not make adjustments with the
engine running.
Keep all parts in good working condition and all
hardware tightened. Replace all worn or
damaged decals.


Table of Contents

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