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Panasonic KX-T1 461 Operating Instructions Manual page 16

Automatic telephone answering system


Cause & Remedy
oThe unit does not work when I press any
ol cannot remove the cassette from the
u n i t .
Plug in the AC adaptor then switch
rne power on.
The unit has been set to the Answer mode,
but no Incoming Message is recorded.
olhe OGM or ICM cassette tape is
cut or is not inserted.
Replace the cassette tape with a
new one.
oThe OGM is recorded improperly.
Record a new OGM.
The unit does not function. However, the
beep sounds 6 times and the ANSWER/
CALLS indicator flashes on and off quickly
.OGM cassette tape might be
broken. Replace it with a new one.
o C l e a n t h e h e a d s . ( S e e p a g e 3 9 . )
While recording an Outgoing Message, the
beeo sounds 6 times.
Re-record your Outgoing Message.
Speak clearly and loudly, and do not
oause for over 2 seconds while
When the Outgoing Message or the
Incoming Message tape is played back, the
sound level is low, even if the VOLUME
control is turned up fully.
Clean the Heads. (See Maintenance
instruction on page 39.)
I have played back all the recorded
messages and I want to record the next
phone call after the last previously recorded
oWait for 7 seconds. The unit will be
ready to record the next phone call.
oln case of the remote ooeration.
j u s t h a n g u p .
I press the button of a remote phone, but
the unit does not resoond.
oMake sure that you are entering
your correct Code number.
oRecord the Outgoing Message in a
o u i e t D l a c e .
Some lncoming Messages have not been
recorded uo to their end.
Set the CPC switch to
( S e e p a g e 1 1 )
The ICM tape continues to run after a callbr
nangs up.
Set the recording time selector to
M I N " .
. 3 0

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