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Panasonic KX-T1 461 Operating Instructions Manual page 2

Automatic telephone answering system
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Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic Telephone
ring System
The KX-T1 46O1KX-T1
461 features include:
I Voice-Synthesized
for time, AM/PN/, and time/day stamp on each lCM.
I Extended OGM
lets you record an outgoing message of any length on a regular audio
cassette tape (C-15 tape included).
r A$il@"mffirc-
simply press the Playback/Pause button, and the answering system will
automatically switch to the Playback mode, rewind the ICM tape, and play
any recorded messages. When your messages are finished playing, the tape
will stop and the unit will switch to the Answer mode to record further
I Tone Remote Control System
lets you activate functions including OGM Record, Remote Turn On/Off,
Memory Playback, and Room Monitoring via any tone telephone system.
I Remote Turn On/Off
lets you turn the unit on and off from a remote location by using a tone
r oGM Skip
special code lets the caller: bypass your outgoing message so that they can
promptly leave their message.
I Remote Memory Playback
lets you review only those messages which haven't been played before.
I Room Monitoring
lets you monitor the sounds in the room where the KX-T'1460/KX-T1
461 is
located from a remote location.
I Message Memo Recording
allows you to leave recorded memos for family and friends.
I Automatic Interrupt
unit will automatically stop answering a call and switch to the stand-by mode
when a parallel extension phone handset is lifted.
Quick Reference Card for remote operation can be found on page 39.
Detach this Card from the Operating Instructions and carry it with you for your
c o n v e n i e n c e .



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