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Panasonic KX-T1 461 Operating Instructions Manual page 11

Automatic telephone answering system
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Listening to the recorded messages from
a remote telephone
The number of rings that it takes for the unit to answer tells you if
there are any new messages.
A n s w e r o n t h e 2 n d r i n g . .
. . . . A t l e a s t o n e n e w m e s s a g e
Answer on the 4th ring . . .
. . . .No new messages
To save the toll charge, hang up immediately when you hear the 3rd ring.
o Note that remote control operations is only possible with a tone telephone
(touch tone telephone).
REMOTE CODE (2 digits)
Be sure to remember your remote
code number (see page 1 1 ).
You can use this code number to
operate the unit from a touch tone
The first drgrt is pre-set
by the factory.
The second digrt is
It is possible to skip over messages you have already heard and jump
to new messages.
Press your code number
(for example. 19)
w h i l e t h e O G M i s p l a y i n g
O n e b e e p w i l l s o u n d
for each.message
r a a n r r l a d
I r n
t ^
I v v v ,
v v v ,
v y
( v
a maximum of eight.
t {0r the beeps
Press your code number
( f o r e x a m p l e . 1 9 )
w h i l e t h e O G M i s p l a y i n g .
Press "4"
after hearing beep(s), up to a maximum
of eight.
The tape will
Y o u w i l l b e a b l e
to hear it rewinding.
lf you want to rewind the tape and listen to previously recorded messages:
then press
"3" again after hearing a beep (the tape will rewind to
the start).
When the taoe has rewound back to the start.
it will play the
Three beeps will
mark the end of
tne messages.
To rewind, press "1".
To fast forward, press "2".
(Pressing once will move the tape by about 15
seconds of message time in the corresponding
direction Press as many times as necessary.)
Hang up.
All recorded messages will
be saved and the unit will be ready
to record additional messages.
Press "2" after hearing a beep, to play back messages



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