Recording A New Ogm (Outgoing Message); Monitoring Sounds Where The Unit Is Located (Room Monitor) - Panasonic KX-T1 461 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic telephone answering system
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Recording a new OGM (outgoins
Monitoring sounds where the unit is located (Room Monitor)
" l p l a n
t o
get home
o n M a y 3 r d . . . "
You can change the content of
your OGM (Outgorng Message)
tape from a remote telephone.
You can listen to
(monitor) the sounds
in the room where
the unit is installed
for about 30 seconds.
Dial your telephone number.
Dial your telephone ,f",,;-\
,/ ,ni. ir'oi"r, \
l l w x V i
I r1_g I
Press your code number
( f o r e x a m p l e . 1 9 )
w h i l e t h e O G M i s p l a y i n g .
One beep sounds
for each message
recorded, up to
a maximum of eight.
Press your code number
(for example. 19)
w h i l e t h e O G M i s p l a y i n g
One beep sounds
for each message
recorded, up to
a m a x i m u m o f e i g h t
Press "7"
to rewind the
Press "5" to monitor
the room sounds
for about 30 seconds.
Speak immediately
after the long beep.
lf you pause for more than about 2seconds
you will hear six beeps, and theOGM
recording will stop. In this case,repeat step
3 within 10 seconds.
Press "9"
when you are finished.
The new OGM is played back for you to
check. Return to step 3 and repeat if there
are any mistakes.
I To continue monitoring;
e l
, . ; , , , t ; : ,
] J K L I
L 5 l
Press "5"
a g a i n w i t h i n 1 0 s e c o n d s
after the beep.
, t
. t

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