Location Of Controls And Jacks - Panasonic KX-T1 461 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic telephone answering system
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Location of controls and jacks
For accessorv order,
accessories: call toll f ree 1-800-332-5368
ORewind Button (REW) : Used to rewind the ICM tape.
OFast Forward Button (FF) : Used to forward the ICM tape.
@VEVO Button : Used to record a personal message.
ADJUST Button : Used to program the day and time
@Microphone (MlC)
G)TIME DAY CHECK Button : Announces the time and day.
Indicator : Indicates if there is a recorded
i n c o m i n g c a l l o r a p e r s o n a l m e s s a g e
@ftUe Indicator : lt lights when the TIME DAY CHECK button is pressed.
@RING Selector (RINGS) : Used to select the number of rings before it
@Recording Time (REC TIME) Selector : Used to select the
caller's recording time.
@OGM Recording (REC) Button : Used to record an OGM.
@OGM PLAY Button : Used to ptay the OGM.
@lcM ERASE Button : Used to erase the tcM.
@pLRYBRCK/PAUSE Button : Used to play and stop the recorded lcM.
@POWER/IN USE Indicator :
@POWER ON/OFF Switch : Used to turn on and off the
answelng macntne.
@CpC Selector : Selector for call waiting service.
@Dc Jack
@Telephone Line Jack
@Telephone Jack
@REMOTE CODE Selector : Used to select the remote control code.
O G M ( O u t g o i n g M e s s a g e )
t a p e ( C - 1 5 )
. . . . . O n e
(Standard Cassette)
I C M ( l n c o m i n g M e s s a g e )
t a p e ( C - 6 0 ) "
" O n e
(Standard Cassette)
A C a d a p t o r . . .
O n e
I c k l n l r o r r c c o r d . . . ' . O n e

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