Recording A Memo Message; Screening Calls - Panasonic KX-T1 461 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic telephone answering system
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Recording a memo message
Screening calls
You can record a memo message
at home. lt will be heard by
anyone who listens to the recorded
" l ' m
o u t
s h o p p r n g .
l ' l l b e h o m e
a b o u t 5 : 0 0 . "
Press the
button until the
beep is heard.
The lN/USE indicator
b e o i n s t o f l a s h .
Record your message.
Speak from a distance of about 8 inches
away from the microphone.
You can listen to incoming
messages as they are being
lf you lift up the handset to talk to
t h e c a l l e r d u r i n g r e c o r d i n g ,
recording will stop at once.
Adjust the VOLUME control.
To talk to the caller during recording
Lift up the handset
and talk.
Recording stops
Press the MEMO button
when finished.
The lN/USE indicator goes out,
and the ANSWER/CALLS indicator begins to
f l a s h .
" H e l l o !
T h i s i s J o h n .
Call me when
you get home."

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