Recording A Message From A Remote Telephone - Panasonic KX-T1 461 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic telephone answering system
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Recording a message from a remote telephone Resetting the ICM tape for future messages
After playing back the recorded
messages, you can recoro your
own message, on the same call
I When replay is finished, wait for the three beeps to mark the end of the
last message and then wait about 10 seconds for another two beeps to
indicate the taoe is readv to record.
Leave your message.
3 beeps
2 beep
Hang up when finished.
lf you rewind the tape and new
messages are recorded from the
b e g i n n i n g o f t h e t a p e , o l d
messages will be lost.
I When the recorded messages have been played back or while they are
being played,
r Afl
e r d i a l i n g ( s t e p 1 . p a g e 2 0 )
Press "x" during the
o G M
^ 4
. B e e o "
) ' l
untir a long beep is +f)
The OGM will stop.
Begin to speak
wh'en the beeo ends.
" T h e I C M t a p e i s
f u l l ! l ' d b e t t e r
" l ' l l m e e t y o u \ I
_ /
a t 1 0 : 0 0
k v
tomorrow // 1s)
You can also record a message
directly without Iistening to the
O G M .
Press "3".
The unit rewinds to
. Ar4
wnir, .
lffi l"?sJ"'.'"n
" +
You are able to
hear the rewinding sound.
Press "3".
The unit rewinds the tape to the beginning of
the newly-recorded messages and a beep will
be heard.
Press "3" again after hearing a
The unit rewinds the tape to the beginning of
the previously recorded messages.
Press "2" after hearing a beep (the tape has been reset) then hang up.
The taoe will advance to the end of the recorded messaoes.
rrr:i'r ii r:i u:,t:, -
| * t
, l

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