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Automatic telephone answering system
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How to Record an Outgoing Message (OGM)
Before operating your unit, you must record an Outgoing Message (OGM).
The OGM will inform the calling party of your absence and your message.
/ Push OGM REC until a long beep is
heard. then release it.
After the long beep, speak clearly and
loudly into the microphone (MlC),
approximately 8 inches away.
oThe lN USE indicator will flash.
oThe recording time is up to the tape
length that you use.
When recording is finished, push OGM
REC again.
oThe unit will rewind the taoe to the
beginning, and be ready for Incoming
lf you pause for over 2 seconds while
recording, you will hear a series of warning
tones (6 beeps) and the unit will start
rewinding the tape. lf this happens, start with
step 1 again after the unit stops rewinding.
- 7 -
- 8 -
You can check your OGM at any time
How to Record an Outgoing Message (OGM)
1 Push OGM PLAY.
oThe unit will play back the OGM, then
rewind the tape to the beginning.
oUse the VOLUME control on the left side
of your unit to regulate the volume
during playback if necessary.
.To stop the operation while playing back
the OGM, push the OGM PLAY button.
oThe unit will automatically change to the
Answer mode 7 seconds after completing
the OGM recording or checking.
oAnswer mode:
When a call is received, the unit will
automatically answer and record Incoming
Messages on the ICM tape.
When you have set the Recording Time to
(For setting the recording time, see page 5.):
"Hello, this is the Smith residence. We cannot come to the phone right now. lf you
would like us to call you back, please leave a message, including your name and
telephone number after the beep. Thank you for calling."
"This is the Panasonic (your name or business) Sales Company. We are glad that
you called but our office is closed until 9 o'clock in the morning. lf you leave a
message, including your name and telephone number after the beep, we will return
your call as soon as we can. Thank you."
When you have set the Recording Time to
"l MIN":
"Hello, this is (your name, business and/or telephone No.).
I am sorry I am not here to speak to you at the moment. Please leave a message
after the beep. You have up to 1 minute lor recording. Thank you."


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