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HP LC3260N User Manual Page 56

32-inch (81-centimeter) lcd high-definition television.
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Symptom (Continued)
The unit cannot be operated.
The color is strange, faded, or
The power suddenly turned off.
Viewing questions
I get a poor picture with video signal
There is no picture or a black screen,
and I have an external device
controlling the TV.
The picture, with a component input
source connected, is too red, blue, or
HP LCD HDTV User's Guide
External influences such as lightning and static electricity may cause
improper operation. In this case, operate the unit after first turning
on the power of the TV or unplugging the AC cord and replugging it
in after 1 or 2 minutes.
Adjust the picture tone.
Is the room too bright? The picture may look dark in a room that is
too bright.
Check the input signal setting.
If watching a component device, make sure the red, blue, and green
cables are fully inserted into the proper connectors on both ends.
Is the sleep timer set?
Check the power control settings.
The unit's internal temperature has increased. Remove any objects
blocking the vent, or clean the vent.
Check the following: Improper control setting. Local interference. Cable
interconnections. Adjust picture control as needed. Try another location
for the TV. Be sure that all connections are secure.
Press the Source button on the remote control and confirm the source
is selected.
Verify that the external device power is turned on.
Check to see whether the source component is connected.
Check the power management function. Is it in standby mode?
Connect the source to the TV. Operate the external device.
Check to make sure each cable is plugged into the correct color-
coded connector on the TV connectors and input source connectors.
Make sure the cables are plugged in all the way.



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