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HP LC3260N User Manual: Setting View Mode And Aspect; Setting Picture Scroll; Setting Cinema Mode; Using Signal Meter

32-inch (81-centimeter) lcd high-definition television.
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When the program contains no closed
caption, "--" displays in the closed caption
If the language code, such as ENG, is not
found on digital TV programs, "--" is
All types of closed caption service (CC1, T1,
and so on) are potentially available, but a
broadcast may contain none or only some
of these services, at the election of the
program provider.
The defaults for CC may be specified by broadcasting

Setting View Mode and Aspect

In the Aspect option, you select to turn Aspect on or
off. With Aspect set to On, when the TV receives a
480i signal, the View Mode automatically selects the
picture size, as described in the following table.
Aspect ratio of
the input signal
4:3 Normal
16:9 Full
4:3 Letter box
You can select any of the aspect modes for View
Mode. See "Changing the View with the Aspect
Button" on page 25 for descriptions of the Aspect
picture sizes.
HP LCD HDTV User's Guide
View Mode used
(with Aspect On)
Side bar
Setting Picture Scroll
Picture Scroll adjusts the vertical position of the image
on the screen when the selected Aspect is S.Stretch
or Zoom modes. Picture Scroll does not work when
the Aspect mode is Side Bar or Stretch.
See "Changing the View with the Aspect Button" on
page 25 for descriptions of the Aspect options.
Setting Cinema Mode
In the Cinema Mode option, select Film or Video.
The Film mode smooths motion; choose Film when you
view a DVD from a DVD player connected through a
component connection (Input 3 or 4).
Using Signal Meter
The Signal Meter option displays the strength of the air
digital channel you are viewing, so that you can adjust
your antenna to obtain the maximum signal strength.
Setting Back Lighting
The Back Lighting option selects the amount of back
lighting for the screen.
Using the Option Menu
Use the Option menu to change labels for channels
and video source names.
Option menu
Ch Label
Video Label


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