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HP LC3260N User Manual: Using The Remote Control; Operating The Tv; Using Universal Remote Controls; Installing Or Replacing Remote Control Batteries

32-inch (81-centimeter) lcd high-definition television.
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Operating the TV
The remote control operates the TV. To use the remote
control, point the remote control at the remote control
sensor on the display.
Use the remote control within a distance of
16.4 feet (5 meters) from the front of the
TV remote control sensor window and at
the maximum horizontal and vertical
angles of 30 degrees.
Using universal remote controls
When you want to program a universal remote control
to operate your HP TV, if HP is not listed in the
supported brand codes, use a Philips TV code. The HP
remote control transmits Philips-licensed remote control
After programming your universal remote control with
a Philips TV code, it can operate your HP TV functions
for: Volume, mute, power, and input source.
Installing or replacing remote
control batteries
Insert two AAA non-rechargeable batteries into the
remote control, ensuring that you place them with the
proper polarity.

Using the Remote Control

Press and open the cover on the back of the
remote control.
Insert the batteries into the remote control, and
make sure that you match polarities.
Close the cover.
Do not mix different types of batteries together (for
example, alkaline and carbon-zinc) or old batteries
with fresh ones.
Be sure to follow the correct polarity when installing
the batteries as indicated in the battery compartment.
Reversed batteries may cause damage to the device.
When not using the remote for a long period of time,
remove the batteries to prevent damage or injury from
possible battery leakage.
Do not try to recharge batteries that are not intended to
be recharged; they can overheat and rupture. Follow
the battery manufacturer's directions for the batteries
you are using.
Always remove batteries as soon as they become
weak. Weak batteries can leak and severely damage
the unit. The battery life depends on how much the
remote control is used. Replace batteries when remote
control operation becomes erratic.
Do not take apart the batteries, heat them, or throw
them into a fire.
Using the Remote Control


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