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HP LC3260N User Manual: Selecting Closed Caption

32-inch (81-centimeter) lcd high-definition television.
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Editing the channel listing
In the Add/Delete option, you can add or delete
channels from the channel listing. When you delete a
channel, the channel is removed from the list and does
not display when using the Channel buttons. When
you add a channel to the list, it displays when using
the Channel buttons.
Select Add/Delete in the Setup menu, and press
the right arrow button.
To remove all channels from the channel
memory, select Clear All and press the right
arrow button.
Select Add/Delete, and press the right arrow
button. The channel list is now selectable.
Press the arrow buttons to select the channel you
want to skip.
Press the arrow buttons to select Delete for the
To include a channel in the list, select Add for
the channel.
Press Menu to close the menu.

Selecting Closed Caption

Use the Closed Caption option to select options or turn
off caption display. You can also use the remote control
button CC to turn caption display on or off. Use the CC
Advanced option to define setting for digital closed
Your TV is equipped with an internal closed caption
decoder. It allows you to view conversations, narration
and sound effects as subtitles on your TV. Closed
captions are available on some TV programs, and on
some VHS home video tapes, at the election of the
program provider.
Digital Closed Caption service is a caption service
available only on digital TV programs (also at the
election of the service provider). It is a more flexible
system than the original closed caption system,
because it allows a variety of caption sizes and font
styles. When the Digital Closed Caption service is in
use, it is indicated by a three-letter abbreviation that
also indicates the language of the Digital Closed
Captions: ENG (English) or SPA (Spanish) or FRA
(French), or other language codes.
Not all programs and VHS videotapes offer closed
captioning. Look for the symbol to ensure that captions
When you have the signal source
equipment connected using an HDMI or a
component video connection, closed
caption information may not always be
available because the source equipment
may not pass the information to the TV
across these connectors.
In the closed caption system, there can be more than
one caption service provided. Each is identified by its
own number. CC1 through CC4 services display
subtitles of TV programs superimposed over the
program picture.
In the closed caption system, the T1 through T4
services display text that is unrelated to the program
being viewed, such as weather or news. These
services are also superimposed over the program
currently being viewed.
Depending on the number of caption services
in the signal being received, you will see
information such as 1/2 or 1/4 displayed.
1/2 means "the first of two services."
Example: If a program has three services
(Digital CC (ENG), CC1, and Text1), the
closed caption display toggles in sequence.
The CC button keeps a record of the last
service selected in its memory. If the last
closed caption mode you selected is not
available for the next program, or on another
channel, the closed caption service that is
available is automatically selected, and this
service appears in parentheses. Closed
caption services that appear in parentheses is
not retained in the CC button memory as your
last selected service. Only services that you
have selected with the CC button are retained.
Changing the TV Settings



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