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HP LC3260N User Manual: Using The Password; Setting Parental Controls

32-inch (81-centimeter) lcd high-definition television.
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Using the Password

The Locks menu allows you to use a password to
protect certain settings from being accidentally
IMPORTANT: These conditions must be met
to enable parental controls:
V-chip option is set to On.
Password is set.
Rating settings have been made.
Enter the password when prompted.
Setting a password
In the Lock/Password menu, select New Password,
and then enter the new 4-digit password number by
using the 0–9 buttons on the remote control. Enter the
same digits for Confirm Password, and then press OK.
As a precautionary measure, write down
your password and keep it in a familiar
Changing the password
New Password in the Locks/Password menu allows
you to change the password.
HP LCD HDTV User's Guide
Clearing the password
The Clear Password button in the Locks/Password
menu allows you to clear the password.
IMPORTANT: If you lose or forget your
password, you must reset the TV returning
all settings to the defaults values, including
the password. To reset the TV:
Press and hold down the –VOL (Volume
down) button on top of the TV, point the
remote control at the TV, and press the
Zero button for one second.
Pressing this combination of buttons clears
the password and all other settings to the
default values.

Setting Parental Controls

The parental controls use a V-Chip, which is an
electronic filtering device built into your TV. This tool
gives parents a great degree of control over
broadcasts accessed by their children. It allows
parents to select programs judged suitable for child
viewing while blocking ones judged not suitable. It
does so automatically once you select a password and
set the values for parental controls.
The U.S. has two rating systems for viewing content:
TV Parental Guidelines and movie ratings.
The TV Parental Guidelines help parents screen
out inappropriate television shows from their
Movie ratings are used for original movies rated
by the Motion Picture Association of America
(MPAA) as watched on cable TV and not edited
for television. Options can also be set to block
MPAA-rated movies.



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