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Pan Detection; Control Lock; Performance Boost Function; Timer - KitchenAid KICU540BSS Use & Care Manual

Touch-activated electronic induction cooktop
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3. Touch the Bridge keypad.
The surface cooking areas will resume operation as
2 separate areas.
NOTE: Performance Boost function cannot be used on the same
elements in combination with the Bridge function.

Pan Detection

If a pan is removed from a surface cooking area when it is in use,
the No Pan indicator light will glow, the No Pan symbol will
appear in the display and a signal tone will sound for 1 minute. If
the pan is not replaced within 1 minute, the surface cooking area
will turn Off.
If a Timer is running when a pan is removed, the countdown will
A. No pan symbol

Control Lock

The Control Lock avoids unintended use of the surface cooking
If Control Lock is activated when power to the cooktop is off, the
cooktop is locked out, and the surface cooking areas cannot be
turned on by the cooktop touch controls.
If Control Lock is activated when power to the cooktop is on, all
keypads are locked out except for the Power and On/Off
To Lock Cooktop:
Touch and hold the CONTROL LOCK keypad for 3 seconds. After
3 seconds, a tone will sound and the indicator light above the
Control Lock keypad will light, indicating that the cooktop
controls are in the lockout position.
If the cooktop is in use when Control Lock is activated, cooking
will proceed as normal and any timers that have been set will
continue their countdown.
To Unlock Cooktop:
Touch and hold the CONTROL LOCK keypad for 3 seconds.

Performance Boost Function

This function allows you to increase the heat setting level above
the maximum heat setting 9 for 10 minutes or less.
NOTE: Performance Boost function is not available when the
Bridge function is activated.
Performance Boost function is available on only 1 surface
cooking area at a time within a zone. If you attempt to use
another surface cooking area in the same zone, "P" and "9" will
briefly flash in the display before returning to heat setting level 9.
The surface cooking area that was set to the Performance Boost
function will automatically reset to heat setting level 9. See the
following illustrations for zones.
Zone 1
A. Zone 1—Left rear surface
cooking area
B. Zone 1—Left front surface
cooking area
To Use:
1. Check that a surface cooking area has been selected.
2. Touch BOOST. "P" will appear in the display.
3. Touch BOOST keypad when finished. The "P" will no longer
be visible in the display, and the Performance Boost function
will no longer be active. The surface cooking area turns back
to heat setting level 9.
NOTE: The Performance Boost function may automatically
deactivate to keep the internal electronic components of the
cooktop from becoming too hot.
Use the cooking timer to set times up to 90 minutes. The timer is
independent of any other control settings. The timer can be used
on only one surface cooking area at a time.
To Use:
1. Touch the TIMER keypad. "01" will appear in the timer
2. Touch the ">" key to increase the time in 1-minute
Touch the "<" key to decrease the time in 1-minute
3. The timer will start to count down after a few seconds.
To change the time, touch the time ">" or "<" keypads.
4. When the countdown is finished,"00" flashes and a tone will
NOTE: When the power is restored after an outage, the timer will
no longer be running.
Zone 2
C. Zone 2—Right front surface
cooking area
D. Zone 2—Right rear surface
cooking area





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