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Hob - Care And Cleaning; Oven - Daily Use - Zanussi ZCV621 User Manual

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• Cookware made of enamelled steel and
with aluminium or copper bottoms can
cause discoloration on glass ceramic
Energy saving
• If possible, always put the lids on the
• Put cookware on a cooking zone before
you start it.
• Stop the cooking zones before the end
of the cooking time to use residual heat.

Hob - Care and cleaning

Warning! Refer to the Safety chapters.
Clean the appliance after each use.
Always use cookware with clean bottom.
Scratches or dark stains on the glass ce-
ramic have no effect on how the appliance
To remove the dirt:
1. – Remove immediately:melted plastic,
plastic foil, and food with sugar. If not,
the dirt can cause damage to the appli-
ance. Use a special scraper for the

Oven - Daily use

Warning! Refer to the Safety chapters.
Cooling fan
When the appliance operates, the cooling fan
switches on automatically to keep the surfaces
of the appliance cool. If you switch off the ap-
pliance, the cooling fan continues to operate
until the appliance cools down.
If there is a fault in the cooling fan, contact
the customer service.
Activating and deactivating the appliance
1. Turn the top oven/grill (the main oven) con-
trol knob to the require settings.
• The bottom of pans and cooking zones
must have the same dimension.
Examples of cooking applications
Heat set-
Bringing to the boil / quick frying /
glass . Put the scraper on the glass sur-
face at an acute angle and move the
blade on the surface .
– Remove after the appliance is suffi-
ciently cool:limescale rings , water
rings, fat stains, shiny metallic discolora-
tions. Use a special cleaning agent for
glass ceramic or stainless steel.
2. Clean the appliance with a moist cloth and
some detergent.
3. At the end rub the appliance dry with a
clean cloth.
2. The top oven/grill indicator (the oven pow-
er indicator) indicator comes on while the
temperature in the appliance increases.
3. To deactivate the appliance, turn the top
oven/grill (the main oven) control knob to
the Off position.
The main oven indicator switches to OFF,
when the set temperature will be reached.
Use to:
Keeping warm
Gentle simmering
Frying / browning
Bringing to the boil



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