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Environment Concerns - Zanussi ZCV621 User Manual

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Check that the anti-tilt protection projects mini-
mum 20 mm into the hole in the back of the ap-
pliance (B) when you push the appliance (See
fig. 2). If the space between the bench cup-
boards is greater than the width of the appli-
ance, you must adjust the side measurement to
centre the appliance. Make sure that the sur-
face behind the appliance is smooth.
Electrical installation
Warning! Only a qualified and competent
person must do the electrical installation.
The manufacturer is not responsible if you
do not follow safety precautions from the
chapter "Safety information".
This appliance is supplied without a main plug
or a main cable.

Environment concerns

The symbol
on the product or on its
packaging indicates that this product may not
be treated as household waste. Instead it
should be taken to the appropriate collection
point for the recycling of electrical and
electronic equipment. By ensuring this product
is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent
potential negative consequences for the
environment and human health, which could
60 mm
50 mm
Covering terminal board
The recommended cross-section area is six
square millimetres (6 mm²).
When you refit the mains terminal cover, make
sure that the lower tabs are located inside the
bottom edge of the aperture, before you fix the
two screws into the top edge of the mains ter-
minal cover.
Make sure that the cover is securely fastened.
To open the cover of terminal board obey
the procedure in opposite sequence.
Terminal board
Make sure that the links are fitted as shown.
Do not remove blanking plates.
otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste
handling of this product. For more detailed
information about recycling of this product,
please contact your local council, your
household waste disposal service or the shop
where you purchased the product.



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