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Kenwood DDX3035BT Instruction Manual

With dvd receiver.
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This instruction manual is used to describe models listed below. Model availability and features (functions)
may differ depending on the country and sales area.
• Region 2 (DVD Region Code 2 area)
• Region 3 (DVD Region Code 3 area)
• Region 4 (DVD Region Code 4 area)
© 2013 JVC KENWOOD Corporation
LVT2507-001A (MN/M2N/XN)


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   Summary of Contents for Kenwood DDX3035BT

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    • Region 2 (DVD Region Code 2 area) • Region 3 (DVD Region Code 3 area) • Region 4 (DVD Region Code 4 area) © 2013 JVC KENWOOD Corporation LVT2507-001A (MN/M2N/XN)

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    How to read this manual: For Kazakhstan (DDX3035BTM/DDX3035M) • Illustrations of DDX3035BT are mainly used for explanation. The displays and panels shown in this manual are examples used to provide clear explanations of the operations. For this reason, they may be different from the actual displays or panels.

  • Page 3: How To Reset Your Unit

    çevremiz English Türkçe becomes normal before operating the unit. üzerindeki zararlı etkileri önlerken Hereby, JVC KENWOOD declares Bu vesileyle JVC KENWOOD, kaynakların korunmasına da yardımcı that this unit “DDX3035BTM” is “DDX3035BTM” ünitesinin, ❏ How to reset your unit in compliance with the essential 1999/5/EC Direktifinin başlıca...

  • Page 4: Initial Settings

    INITIAL SETTINGS INITIAL SETTINGS Finish the procedure. Display the <Security Code Set> screen. Initial setup When you power on the unit for the first time or reset the unit, the initial setting screen appears. • You can also change the settings on the <Setup> screen.

  • Page 5: Activating The Security Function

    The security indicator on the monitor panel flashes when the vehicle ignition is off. Appears only when the navigation unit is connected. Not selectable for DDX3035BT Region 4/DDX3035 Region 4. To deactivate the security function: Select [OFF] for <SI>. ENGLISH...

  • Page 6: Basics

    BASICS BASICS 1 Remote sensor 8 For DDX3035BT/DDX3035BTM: TEL/VOICE Component names and functions 2 Reset button/Power indicator/Security indicator button • Resets the unit. (Page 3) • Displays the <Handsfree> screen. (Press) • Lights up while the unit is turned on.

  • Page 7: Common Operations

    BASICS BASICS Adjusting the volume Putting the unit in standby Common operations To adjust the volume (00 to 35) Display all <Top Menu> items. Turning on the power On the <Top Menu> screen: Turning off the power Press J to increase, and press K to decrease. •...

  • Page 8: Common Screen Operations

    Source control screen Common operating buttons: Performs source playback operations. 1 Changes the playback source. (Page 9) DDX3035BT/DDX3035BTM* • Press [ALL SRC] to display all <Top Menu> • The operation buttons vary depending on the selected source. items. (Page 9) •...

  • Page 9: Selecting The Playback Source

    Touch screen operations When no navigation unit is connected, “No Navigation” appears. Selecting the playback source Only for DDX3035BT Region 4/DDX3035 Region 4. Only for DDX3035BT/DDX3035BTM. Select an appropriate input setting in <AV Input>. (Page 42) To display all sources and items on the <Top Menu>...

  • Page 10: Discs

    DISCS DISCS Ejecting a disc Indications and buttons on the source Playing a disc control screen • If a disc does not have a disc menu, all tracks on For DVD /VCD/DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG it will be played repeatedly until you change the source or eject the disc.

  • Page 11

    DISCS DISCS [ ] [ ]* Selects a folder. Operation buttons For CD/MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC [ MODE]* Changes the settings for disc [O] [N] • Reverse/forward search during playback on the <DISC Mode> playback.* screen. (Page 13) • Plays back in slow-motion during pause.

  • Page 12

    DISCS DISCS [ MENU] [CUR]* Displays the menu /scene selecting Displays the disc menu. Video menu operations screen. [Direct] Displays/hides the direct selecting You can display the video menu screen during video • [J] [K] [H] [I]: Selects an item. buttons.

  • Page 13: Settings For Disc Playback

    DISCS DISCS Selecting playback mode < Dynamic Settings for disc playback You can change the dynamic range Range while playing Dolby Digital software. Control> • Wide: Select this to enjoy a powerful sound at a low volume level with its full dynamic range. Selects Repeat playback mode.

  • Page 14: Usb

    Indications and buttons on the source Operation buttons Connecting a USB device control screen [O] [N] Reverse/forward search.* You can connect a USB mass storage class device Displays the folder/track list. such as a USB memory, Digital Audio Player etc. to (Page 15) the unit.

  • Page 15: Ipod/iphone

    iPod/iPhone iPod/iPhone <USB Mode> settings Selecting a folder/track on the list Preparation Setting <File Type> Connecting iPod/iPhone [Audio] Plays back audio files. [Still Image] Plays back JPEG files. • For details about connecting iPod/iPhone, see [Video] Plays back DivX /MPEG1/MPEG2 page 52 .

  • Page 16: Playback Operations

    iPod/iPhone iPod/iPhone Setting <AV Input> for iPod/iPhone Playback operations playback Select an appropriate input setting for <AV Input> • When the operation buttons according to the connection method of the iPod/ are not displayed on the screen, iPhone. touch the area shown on the •...

  • Page 17

    iPod/iPhone iPod/iPhone Operation buttons Selecting an audio/video file from the Video menu: [O] [N] Reverse/forward search. menu [APP] Select to control playback from iPod/ iPhone.* Displays the audio/video file list. (See the right column.) Selects repeat playback mode. • REP: Functions the same as “Repeat One.”...

  • Page 18

    iPod/iPhone iPod/iPhone Garmin App: Controlling playback from the iPod/ iPhone You can play back the audio/video files or use App by operating iPod/iPhone itself instead of the unit. • The current position of your vehicle appears on the map. When the vehicle moves, the map scrolls. •...

  • Page 19: Pandora

    USB terminal using KCA-iP22F, KCA-iP102 BlackBerry. Android/BlackBerry devices can only is shown. (optional accessory) or USB 2.0 cable be used with DDX3035BT Region 4. 3 Playback status (I: play/W: pause) (accessory of the iPod/iPhone). (Page 52) 4 Playing time Preparation...

  • Page 20

    Pandora® Pandora® Selecting a station from the list On the Genre List NOTE Select a genre (1), then a station (2). • Ensure you are logged in to your smartphone Display the list selecting screen. application. If you do not have a Pandora account, you can create one for free from your smartphone or at

  • Page 21: Tuner

    Operation buttons Changing the display information [P1] – [P6] • Selects a stored station. (Press) Indications and buttons on the source • Stores the current station. (Hold) control screen [MODE] Changes the settings for tuner reception on the <TUNER Mode> screen.

  • Page 22

    TUNER TUNER Setting the antenna control Tuning in FM stations only with strong Presetting stations signals — Local Seek You can store the antenna automatically when the Storing stations in the memory source is changed from the tuner to another source. •...

  • Page 23

    TUNER TUNER Manual presetting Activating/deactivating TI/News FM Radio Data System features Standby Reception Tune in to a station you want to preset. Searching for FM Radio Data System (Page 21) TI Standby Reception programs—PTY Search Select a preset number. You can search for your favorite programs being broadcast by selecting the PTY code.

  • Page 24

    TUNER TUNER News Standby Reception Tracing the same program—Network- Automatic TI station seek—Auto TP Tracking Reception Seek When driving in an area where FM reception is not When traffic information station reception is poor, sufficient enough, this unit automatically tunes in to the unit automatically searches for another station another FM Radio Data System station of the same that can be received better.

  • Page 25: Other External Components

    • No preparation is required for “AV-IN1”. To display the picture from the rear view camera Display the <Input> setting screen. manually On the <Top Menu> screen: DDX3035BT/DDX3035BTM* Indications and buttons on the source control screen AV-IN name (Hold) DDX3035/DDX3035M* (Hold) •...

  • Page 26: Using The External Navigation Unit

    OTHER EXTERNAL COMPONENTS OTHER EXTERNAL COMPONENTS To exit the navigation screen Using the external navigation unit You can connect a navigation unit (KNA-G 630: optional accessory) to the navigation input terminal so that you can view the navigation screen. (Page 52) •...

  • Page 27: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth 2.1, a pairing request is sent from an When you connect a Bluetooth device to the unit for available device. the first time, pair the unit and the device. Pairing Search “KENWOOD BT MM-8U2” from allows Bluetooth devices to communicate with each other. your Bluetooth device.

  • Page 28

    BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH Pairing a Bluetooth device using a PIN code (for Select the “KENWOOD BT MM-8U2” for Change the PIN code. Bluetooth 2.0) • If you skip changing the PIN code, go to step your Bluetooth device. Display the <Bluetooth Setup> screen.

  • Page 29: Using The Bluetooth Mobile Phone

    A confirmation message appears. Press [Yes]. The unit answers the incoming call automatically. [TEL (HFP)]: for mobile phone * [PANDORA (SPP)] appears only for DDX3035BT Region 4. Ending a call [Audio (A2DP)]: for Bluetooth audio player [PANDORA (SPP)]: for Pandora* While talking...

  • Page 30

    BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH Adjusting the volume of calls/earpiece/ Notifying SMS reception Making a call microphone If the mobile phone is compatible with SMS (Short Display the <Handsfree> screen. Message Service), the unit tells you a message has While talking... On the < Top Menu> screen: been received.

  • Page 31

    BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH From the phone book/call lists • To use the A to Z search on phone book: • To display the details of an entry: When the <Phonebook> screen is displayed, you When the <Phonebook> is displayed, you can can search by initial.

  • Page 32

    BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH Voice dialing Presetting phone numbers • Available only when the connected mobile phone You can preset up to 6 phone numbers. has a voice recognition system. Display the <Handsfree> screen. Activate voice dialing. (Page 30) On the <Handsfree> screen: Select an item from the phone book/call lists.

  • Page 33

    BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH Deleting the phone number entries in Settings for Bluetooth mobile About mobile phones compatible with Phone the unit Book Access Profile (PBAP) phones If your mobile phone supports PBAP, you can Display the phone book/call list you want Display the <Handsfree>...

  • Page 34

    BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH Setting items Operation buttons Using the Bluetooth audio player Pauses playback. <Phone Shows the connected phone device • To register a new device, see page 27. Starts playback. Device> name. • To connect/disconnect a device, see page 29. •...

  • Page 35: Settings

    AUD (for DDX3035/DDX3035M) or by frequency. pressing and holding the Volume/ATT/AUD knob <Bass EXT> Activates/deactivates bass. (for DDX3035BT/DDX3035BTM) on the monitor <SW Level> Adjusts subwoofer level.* panel. The adjustments are overwritten if the <User> * Adjustable only when the subwoofer is activated. (Page 41) setting has been created (see the left column), and <User>...

  • Page 36: Adjustment For Video Playback

    SETTINGS SETTINGS Adjusting the crossover frequency Select [DIM ON ] (dimmer on) or [ DIM OFF] Adjustment for video playback (dimmer off). Display the < X’over> screen. Adjusting the picture On the <Top Menu> screen: You can adjust the picture quality. Display the adjustment menu.

  • Page 37

    SETTINGS SETTINGS Changing the aspect ratio Zooming the picture Select the aspect ratio. You can change the aspect ratio for video playback. You can zoom the picture (< FULL>, <Zoom1> to <Zoom3>). Display the adjustment menu. • When <Aspect> is set to < JUST> or <Auto> (see the left column), the picture is zoomed with the aspect ratio of the <...

  • Page 38: Changing Display Design

    SETTINGS SETTINGS To select a panel color Storing your own scene for the Changing display design background image You can change the background and panel color. While playing a video or JPEG, you can capture an Display the < User Customize> screen. image and use the captured image as a background.

  • Page 39: Customizing The Screen

    SETTINGS SETTINGS Capture the image displayed on the Select the position to place the icon (1), screen. then select the item you want to display on the selected position (2). A confirmation message appears. Press [Yes] to store the newly captured image. (The existing image is replaced with the new one.) •...

  • Page 40

    • Even if you have turned off the power during the • To cancel the current operation, press update, you can restart the update after the power [Cancel]. is turned on. The update will be performed from the beginning. * Only for DDX3035BT/DDX3035BTM .

  • Page 41: Setting Menu Items

    SETTINGS SETTINGS <Audio> setting screen <Loudness> Setting menu items You can activate/deactivate loudness. <Fader/Balance> Displaying the <Setup> menu screen • ON (Initial): Boost low and high frequencies to produce a well-balanced sound at a low volume level. The LOUD indicator lights up. •...

  • Page 42

    SETTINGS SETTINGS <Display> setting screen <Scroll> <Input> setting screen • ON (Initial): Repeats scrolling. <Dimmer> <AV Input> • Once : Scrolls the displayed information once. • Auto (Initial): Dims the screen and button You can determine the use of the iPod/AV-IN2 input •...

  • Page 43

    • Device Name: Shows the device name to be • V-OFF (initial ): Turns off the screen. (Page 8) Select the text language used for on-screen shown on the Bluetooth device— KENWOOD BT • R-CAM : Displays the picture from the rear view information.

  • Page 44: Battery Installation

    This unit can be operated using the Remote Controller (RC-DV340) supplied with this unit. DDX3035BT Region 4/DDX3035 Region 4: Optional Remote Controller KNA-RCDV331 is designed for controlling this unit. Refer to the instruction manual that comes with the remote controller.

  • Page 45

    REMOTE CONTROLLER REMOTE CONTROLLER Hands-free communication Play/Pause Operations from the remote When a call comes in, it answers Pauses the track. controller the call. Press again to resume playing. Common operations (AUD mode) Source switching Stop Function Switches to the source to be Stops and memorizes the point played.

  • Page 46

    REMOTE CONTROLLER REMOTE CONTROLLER Numeric keypad Picture Angle Direct search • Specify the number to search Switches the picture angle each Pressing this key switches the for in direct search. time you press this key. features that can be searched for •...

  • Page 47

    REMOTE CONTROLLER REMOTE CONTROLLER Radio (AUD mode) Direct tuning iPod (AUD mode) Band switching After pressing this key, use the Music/Video search keypad to specify the broadcast Switches to bands received by Selects the music/video to be station you wish to receive. the unit.

  • Page 48

    REMOTE CONTROLLER REMOTE CONTROLLER Display the <Steering Remote Control button in turn and after pressing all of them, Using the steering remote press [Done] in the <Steering Remote Control Setting> screen. controller Setting> screen. However, new functions cannot be learned after this operation. You can assign the functions to the keys of the •...

  • Page 49: Connection/installation

    CONNECTION/INSTALLATION CONNECTION/INSTALLATION • If your car’s ignition does not have an ACC Before installing the unit  CAUTION position, connect the ignition wires to a power Install this unit in the console of your vehicle.  WARNING source that can be turned on and off with the Do not touch the metal part of this unit during and •...

  • Page 50: Installing The Unit

    6 Steering Remote cable x 1 connections for each unit. 7 Microphone* Connect the speaker wires of the wiring harness. Only for DDX3035BT Region 4/DDX3035 Region 4. Connect the wiring harness wires in the Only for DDX3035BT/DDX3035BTM. 4 or 5 following order: ground, battery, ignition.

  • Page 51: Connecting Wires To Terminals

    Blue with white stripe (Power control wire) Connect to the appropriate terminal to enable muting when the phone rings and during phone calls. (To connect the Kenwood navigation system, consult Brown (Mute control wire) your navigation manual.) To use the steering wheel remote control feature, an exclusive remote adapter Light blue with yellow stripe (Steering remote control wire) (not supplied) matching your car is required.

  • Page 52

    CONNECTION/INSTALLATION CONNECTION/INSTALLATION Connecting a USB device/iPod/iPhone Connecting microphone for Bluetooth Connecting external components (only for DDX3035BT/DDX3035BTM) iPod/iPhone except for iPhone 5/iPod touch iPhone 5/iPod touch (5th Generation)/ Connect the microphone (7) to the MIC terminal. (5th Generation)/iPod iPod nano (7th •...

  • Page 53: References

    REFERENCES REFERENCES To keep discs clean Maintenance More information A dirty disc may not play correctly. Caution on cleaning the unit File playback If a disc does become dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth Playing DivX files Do not use any solvent (for example, thinner, in a straight line from center to edge.

  • Page 54

    • This unit can play back files with the extension the conditions below: For DDX3035BT/DDX3035: 3/4 (depending on the country and sales code <.mp3>, <.wma>, <.wav> or <.m4a> – Picture size: 32 x 32 to 1 232 x 672 resolution area) (regardless of the letter case—upper/lower).

  • Page 55

    In • This unit can play JPEG/DivX /MPEG1/MPEG2 /MP3/ case, disconnect the USB device then reset this this case, visit the following KENWOOD web site: WMA/WAV/AAC files stored in a USB mass storage unit and the USB device.

  • Page 56

    REFERENCES REFERENCES Language codes (for DVD language selection) Afar Galician Maori Somali Abkhazian Guarani Macedonian Albanian Afrikaans Gujarati Malayalam Serbian Ameharic Hausa Mongolian Siswati Arabic Hindi Moldavian Sesotho Assamese Croatian Marathi Sundanese Aymara Hungarian Malay (MAY) Swahili Azerbaijani Armenian Maltese Tamil Bashkir Interlingua...

  • Page 57: Error Message List

    REFERENCES REFERENCES “ Authorization Error”: “Pick Up Error”: Error message list • Check whether the connected iPod/iPhone is • The unit has failed to receive a call. compatible with this unit. (Page 55) If an error occurs while using the unit, a message “Pandora upgrade required”: appears.

  • Page 58: Troubleshooting

    • Turn on the screen. (Page 8) The unit does not work at all. • Reset the unit. (Page 3) The remote controller* does not work. • Replace the battery. * For DDX3035BT Region 4/DDX3035 Region 4: Purchase KNA- RCDV331 separately.

  • Page 59

    • Select [iPod] for <AV Input>. (Page 42) The iPod/iPhone does not turn on or does not No sound of videos comes out. Pandora (Only for DDX3035BT work. • Connect with USB Audio and Video cable Region 4/DDX3035 Region 4 ) •...

  • Page 60: Specifications

    REFERENCES REFERENCES Bluetooth (Only for DDX3035BT/ DVD player section The unit does not make pairing with the Bluetooth device. DDX3035BTM ) D/A Converter 24 bit • For devices compatible with Bluetooth 2.1: Phone sound quality is poor. Audio Decoder Linear PCM/Dolby Digital/MP3/ Register the device using a PIN code.

  • Page 61

    External Audio Max Input Level (RCA/mini jack) Frequency Range Maximum Communication Range 2 V/25 k DDX3035BT Region 4/DDX3035 Region 4: Line of sight approx. 10 m Video Output Level (RCA jack) AM (9 kHz): 531 kHz to 1 611 kHz...

  • Page 62

    Bluetooth SIG, trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. your files into DivX videos. Inc. and any use of such marks by JVC KENWOOD • “DVD Logo” is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo • ABOUT DIVX VIDEO-ON-DEMAND: This DivX Corporation is under license.

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