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Using The Memory Function; Stitch Data Precautions; Types Of Stitch Data That Can Be Used; Types Of Usb Devices/media That Can Be Used - Brother 882-C50 Operational Manual

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Stitch Data Precautions

Observe the following precautions when using stitch data other than that created and saved in this

■ Types of Stitch Data that can be Used

• In the Character/Decorative Stitch memory, ".pmv", ".pmx" and ".pmu" stitch data files can be used with this
machine. ".pmu" stitch data files can be retrieved; however, when the machine is used to save the file, it is
saved as a ".pmv" stitch data file. Using data other than that created using this machine or the machine which
create ".pmu" data file, may cause the machine to malfunction.

■ Types of USB Devices/Media that can be Used

Stitch data can be saved to or recalled from USB external media. Use external media that meets the following
• USB Flash drive (USB Flash memory)
• USB Floppy disk drive
Stitch data can be recalled only from;
• USB CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW drives
You can also use the following types of media with the USB Memory Card Reader/USB card writer module.
• Secure Digital (SD) Card
• CompactFlash
• Memory Stick
• Smart Media
• Multi Media Card (MMC)
• xD-Picture Card
• Some USB media may not be usable with this machine. Please visit our website for more details.
• The access lamp will begin blinking after inserting USB Devices/Media, and it will take about 5 to 6
seconds to recognize the Devices/Media. (Time will differ depending on the USB Device/Media).
• To create file folders, use a computer.
■ Computers and Operating Systems with the Following Specifications can be
• Compatible models:
IBM PC with a USB port as standard equipment
IBM PC-compatible computer equipped with a USB port as standard equipment
• Compatible operating systems:
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

■ Precautions on Using the Computer to Create and Save Data

• If the name of the stitch data file/folder cannot be identified, for example, because the name contains special
characters, the file/folder is not displayed. If this occurs, change the name of the file/folder. We recommend
using the 26 letters of the alphabet (uppercase and lowercase), the numbers 0 through 9, "-", and "_".
• Stitch data in a folder created in USB media can be retrieved.
• Do not create folders in "Removable Disk" on a computer. If stitch data is stored in a folder in "Removable
Disk", that stitch data cannot be retrieved by the machine.


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