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Using The Twin Needle Mode - Brother 882-C50 Operational Manual

Embroidery and sewing machine.
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Press the "Automatic Threading" button to
have the machine automatically thread the
→ The thread passes through the eye of the needle.
• When the "Automatic Threading" button is
pressed, the presser foot will be
automatically lowered. After threading is
finished, the presser foot moves back to the
position before the "Automatic Threading"
button was pressed.
Carefully pull the end of the thread that was
passed through the eye of the needle.
If a loop was formed in the thread passed through
the eye of the needle, carefully pull on the loop of
thread through to the back of the needle.
• Pulling the loop of thread gently will avoid
needle breakage.
Pull out about 5 cm (approx. 2 inches) of
the thread, and then pass it under the
presser foot toward the rear of the machine.
→ Raise the presser foot lever if the presser foot is
a About 5 cm (approx. 2 inches)
• If the needle could not be threaded or the
thread was not passed through the needle
bar thread guides, perform the procedure
again starting from step
Then, pass the thread through the eye of
the needle after step
• Some needles cannot be threaded with the
needle threader. In this case, instead of
using the needle threader after passing the
thread through the needle bar thread guide
(marked "6"), manually pass the thread
through the eye of the needle from the front
to the back.

Using the Twin Needle Mode

The twin needle can only be used for patterns that
after being selected. Before you select a
stitch pattern, make sure the stitch can be sewn in
the twin needle mode (refer to the "STITCH
SETTING CHART" on page S-67).
• Twin needle (part code X59296-151) is
recommended for this machine. Contact your
authorized dealer for replacement needles
(size 2.0/11 is recommended).
• Be sure to set the twin needle mode when
using the twin needle. Using the twin needle
while the machine is in single needle mode
could cause the needle to break, resulting in
• Do not sew with bent needles. The needle
could break and cause injury.
• When using the twin needle, it is
recommended to use presser foot "J".
• When the twin needle is used, bunched
stitches may occur depending on the types of
fabric and thread that are used.
Use monogramming foot "N" for decorative
• Before changing the needle or threading the
machine, be sure to press
screen to lock all keys and buttons, otherwise
injuries may occur if the "Start/Stop" button
or any other button is pressed and the machine
starts sewing.
on the LCD
Basic operations B-49


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