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Sewing Embroidery Patterns Which Use Appliqué - Brother 882-C50 Operational Manual

Embroidery and sewing machine.
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Lower the presser foot, then press the
"Start/Stop" button to start embroidering.
After 5-6 stitches, press the "Start/Stop"
button again to stop the machine.
Trim the excess thread at the end of the
seam. If the end of the seam is under the
presser foot, raise the presser foot, then
trim the excess thread.
Press the "Start/Stop" button to start
→ When the first color is completely sewn, the machine
will automatically trim the threads and stop. The
presser foot will then automatically be raised.
On the embroidery color order display, the next
color will move to the top.
• If there is thread left over from the beginning
of sewing, it may be sewn over as you
continue embroidering the pattern, making
it very difficult to deal with the thread after
the pattern is finished. Trim the threads at
the beginning of each thread change.
Remove the thread for the first color from
the machine. Thread the machine with the
next color.
Repeat the same steps for embroidering the
remaining colors.
→ When the last color is sewn, "Finished sewing" will
appear on the display. Press
will return to the original screen.
• The Thread Trimming Function is originally
set to trim excess thread jumps (threads
linking parts of the pattern, etc.). Depending
on the type of thread and fabric that are
used, an end of upper thread may remain
on the surface of the fabric at the beginning
of the stitching. After embroidering is
finished, cut off this excess thread.
If the setting has been turned off, trim the
excess thread jumps using scissors after
the pattern is finished.
See page E-32 for information on the thread
trimming function.
Sewing Embroidery Patterns
Which Use Appliqué
There are some patterns which call for an appliqué
inside the pattern. Prepare the base fabric and the
appliqué fabric (appliqué piece).
When sewing an embroidery pattern with an
appliqué, the color sewing order display shows
"APPLIQUE", and then the sewing order of the
colors around the appliqué.
• Depending on the thread color display
setting, the display may show
, or
, and the display
Embroidering E-23


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