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Honda FR500 Owner's Manual

Honda tiller owner's manual
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  • Page 2 All information formation available at the time of approval for printing. The illustrations in this manual are based on the FR500 tiller. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. reserves without notice and without No part of this publication This manual is considered with the tiller if resold.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

  • Page 4: Safety Information

    1. SAFETY INFORMATION Read all safety instructions before operating.
  • Page 5 For your safety and the safety precautions: Operator Responsibility Keep the tiller in good operating questionable condition Be sure all safety devices are in working place. These items are installed Be sure the safety covers (V-belt cover, chain cover and recoil starter cover) are in place.
  • Page 6 Young children and are attracted especially Never assume children and turn the tiller off if children Children should never be allowed to operate the tiller, even under adult supervision. Rotating Tines Hazard The rotating tines are sharp and they turn at high speed. Accidental tact can cause serious injury.
  • Page 7 When tilling on slopes, keep the fuel tank less than half full to minimize fuel spillage. Till across the slope (At equally down it. Be very careful when changing Do not use the tiller on a slope of more than 20’. flammable, and gasoline vapor can explode. gasoline. area with the engine stopped.
  • Page 8: Component Identification

    FUEL TANK CAP FUEL TANK \ V-BELT COVER THROTTLE LEVER FRAMF ROTARY TINES * Record the frame and engine serial numbers for your reference. the serial numbers when ordering parts, and when making technical warranty inquiries (see page 38). Frame serial number: Engine serial number: COMPONENT MUFFLER...
  • Page 9: Pre-Operation Check

    1 IMPORTANT NoT’CE 1 Running serious engine damage. a. Place the tiller on a level surface. b. Remove the oil filler cap and wipe the dipstick c. Insert the dipstick d. Check the oil level shown the upper level with the recommended...
  • Page 10 Air cleaner Remove the cover and inspect the elements; page 28). With the tiller in a level position, oil to the mark on the case see page 8 for recommended 1 IMPORTANT NoT’CE 1 Never engine wear...
  • Page 11 Rotary oil level Place the tiller on level ground and remove the oil level check bolt. The oil level should be up to the lower edge of the check bolt hole. If the level is low, add engine oil until it begins to flow out of the hole (see page 8 for recommended oil).
  • Page 12 If any gasoline was spilled, make sure the area is dry before starting the engine. After use, park the tiller on a level surface. Be sure the storage area is well ventilated, do not allow flames or sparks in the storage area.
  • Page 13 Limited Warranty for concern. It simply gasoline or an oil/gasoline system life. “pinging” occurs at Honda tiller dealer. persistent spark knock is considered does not cover under heavy means your engine mixture. parts Avoid...
  • Page 14 GASOLINES CONTAINING If you decide to us‘e a gasoline containing tane rating is at least as high as that Gasoline Recommendation “gasohol”: one containing Never use gasoline cosolvents and corrosion 1 IMPORTANT NoT’CE 1 Using gasohol that contains or gasoline containing also contain cosolvents...
  • Page 15: Starting The Engine

    STARTING THE ENGINE Exhaust contains poisonous loss of consciousness enclosed or confined The muffler becomes while after stopping Be careful not to touch 1. Turn the fuel valve ON. 2. Turn the ignition switch 3. In cold weather engine is cold, pull the choke rod to the CLOSE position.
  • Page 16 4. Move the throttle lever about 30 degrees from (idle position). NOTE: The clutch pulling in the clutch disengaged by releasing the lever. 5. Make sure the clutch is disengag- transmission neutral; then pull the starter briskly to start the engine. IMPORTANT NOTICE starter...
  • Page 17 6. Let engine several minutes. If the choke has been pulled to the position, return it gradually OPEN position warms up. 7. Move the throttle lever to the left desired increase speed. warm CLOSE to the engine engine THROTTLE LEVER...
  • Page 18 FR700 models with electric 1. Turn the fuel valve to the ON. 2. In cold weather and when engine is cold, pull the choke knob to the CLOSE position. NOTE: Do not use the choke engine is warm temperature is high. 3.
  • Page 19 NOTE: The battery cally recharge while operated. If the tiller is not operat- ed frequently enough to keep the battery charged, decrease in starter motor speed. If the battery is too dischaged...
  • Page 20 7. Move the throttle lever to the left desired increase engine speed. THROTTLE LEVER...
  • Page 21: Tiller Operation

    THE HANDLEBAR, BE SURE THE ENGINE adjusting the handlebar, e ore the handle from collapsing height, bracket, at two direction. After adjust- the adjuster TILLING ENGINE can be conditions, RETAiNER \\ the lowest IS OFF. place the tiller on accidentally.
  • Page 22 NOTE: If the shift engage the desired gear, engage the clutch and move the tiller slightly reposition the gears. at idle and the select a for- to the engine 30°...
  • Page 23 6. Wheel Weight Installation The wheel weights improve on soft or marshy ground. weights, insert secure them with the nuts supplied. Tighten the bolts and nuts securely to prevent them from loosening ing operation. 7. Tire Pressure Excessive tire pressure traction, underinflation result in abnormal...
  • Page 24 8. Rotary tine inspection/replacement Wear heavy gloves to protect Check for worn, bent or other damaged of the rotary tines. Check for damage dor loose bolts and nuts. Tighten and/or replace them if necessary. IMPORTANT NOTICE 1 Use only a genuine Rotary tine A and rotary tine B are not interchangeable.
  • Page 25: Stopping The Engine

    STOPPING 1. Move the throttle tion (Extreme right). 2. Release the clutch lever and move the shift lever to the “N” position. 3. Turn the ignition stop engine. 4. Turn the fuel valve OFF. NOTE: stop emergency, release the clutch and turn the igniton THE ENGINE to the idle posi-...
  • Page 26 6,000 Honda tiller dealer modification, engine horsepower feet increase in altitude. a carburetor without rejetting and serious engine damage. to rejet a carburetor one.
  • Page 27: Maintenance

    Honda See the Honda Shop Manual. is to keep the tiller in the best in the table below. any maintenance. gas; Exposurs can cause loss If the engine must be run, make parts or their equivalent...
  • Page 28 3. Reinstall and tighten the oil drain bolt and fill engine with oil to the upper oil level (See page 8 for recommended 4. Reinstall and tighten OIL CAPACITY: FR500-0.7 FR700-1.2 UPPER LEVEL - LOWER LEVEL Used motor oil may cause skin cancer if repeatedly...
  • Page 29 2. Air cleaner service A dirty air cleaner will restrict buretor malfunction, quently when operating Never use gasoline air cleaner element. A fire 1 IMPORTANT NoT’CE 1 Never engine wear will result. Remove Remove and clean the elements non-flammable or high flash point solvent.
  • Page 30 3. Reinstall the filler cap. OIL CAPACITY: 1.1 I (1.2 OIL FILLER HOLE dry them thoroughly SEDIMENT CUP (FR500 only) oil (See page 8). US qt) and reinstall them case up to the tip of the DRAIN BOLT...
  • Page 31 5. Rotary oil level Place the tiller on level ground and remove the oil level check bolt. Remove the oil filler cap. The oil level should be up to the lower edge of the check bolt hole. If the level is low, add oil until it begins to flow out of the hole (See page...
  • Page 32 3. Visually inspect the spark plug. Discard it if the insulator chipped. Clean the spark plug with a wire brush if it is to be reused. 4. Measure the plug gap with a feeler gauge. The gap should be 0.6-0.7 mm (0.024-0.028 electrode.
  • Page 33 7. Throttle cable adjustment Loosen the lock nut and turn the throttle at the throttle lever is between the lock nut securely. Clutch Cable Adjustment Remove the V-belt cover. Loosen clutch cable the lock nut and turn the adjusting distance (A) is within limits, when...
  • Page 34 9. V-belt Adjustment 1. Remove the cover. 2. Engage the clutch distance (A), it should limits shown. loosen five engine mounting and shift the engine tighten the belts. Tighten the bolts securely. 3. Measure clearances see if they fall within the following specifications: (B) 3-5 mm (0.12-0.20...
  • Page 35 10. Upper chain adjustment 1. Remove the primary chain case cover. 2. Check chain slack midway mm (0.79- 1 .I 8 in). To adjust tension, bolts and move the tensioner 6 mm ADJUST BOLTS 11. Fuse replacement If the fuse has blown, If the fuse is changed again.
  • Page 36 5. After reinstalling the battery, BATTERY TERMINAL BOLT (2) BATTERY BOX - if the tiller is to be stored for an extended use a commercially current is rated below 3 A. a maintenance-free battery of the battery fluid.
  • Page 37 The battery gives off explosive tes away. Provide adequate teries in an enclosed The battery contains eyes may cause severe shield. If electrolyte gets on your skin, flush with water. If electrolyte gets minutes and call a physician gases; keep sparks, flames and cigaret- ventilation when charging space.
  • Page 38: Transporting/Storage

    3. Drain the engine oil and refill the engine with fresh oil. 4. Clean the tiller and coat areas of possible rust with a light film of oil. 5. Coat the cylinder year.) 6. Remove the spark plug and pour two or three tablespoonsful into the cylinder.
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    To avoid fire hazards, e. If there is no spark, replace the plug. If OK, try to start the engine according 6. If the engine still does not start, take the tiller to an authorized dealer. the carburetor? drain screw.
  • Page 40: Specifications

    Tine shaft speed Tilling pitch Tilling width Tine turning diameter No. of tines Oil capacity SPECIFICATIONS FR500 1,340 x 620 x 960 mm (52.8 x 24.4 x 37.8 in) 100 kg (220.5 lb) 350-7 1,230 mm (48.4 in) G200 Single cylinder, 4-stroke forced air cooled, side valve, gasoline 197 cm3 (12.0 cu in)
  • Page 41: 1. Warranty Service

    WARRANTY Owner Satisfaction Your satisfaction and goodwill Honda warranty details are explained ty. Normally, any problems concerning dealer’s service department. been handled to your satisfaction, action: Discuss your problem with a member of dealership complaints can be quickly already been reviewed the dealership or the General Manager.

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